How to make your own holiday cards with paper

How to make your own holiday cards with paper

Create your own unique greeting cards with paper weaving. These cards can be adapted to suit any occasion from holidays to birthdays.


glue stick

Construction paper or light card stock – 1 piece per card
scraps of wrapping paper, construction paper, metallic paper

You will be slitting the paper, and weaving the scraps through the slits. The greater of number of slits in the paper, the more intricate the design

  1. Cut the scrap paper into one inch wide strips, they should be at least five inches long.
  2. Fold the card stock in half. On the front cover of the card, use the ruler to lightly draw a frame around the inside of the card. It should be no more than one inch wide. Inside the frame, use the ruler and pencil to draw guidelines for the slits. You need a minimum of three slits (you can do as many slits as you want to weave around). Space them across the frame so they are all the same width.
  3. Once you have measured the slits carefully cut among the lines – leaving your one-inch frame.
  4. Take a piece of scrap paper. Starting on the inside, weave the paper over and under each slit until you reach the opposite side of the frame. (Left to right)
  5. Using the glue stick secure both ends of the strip to the frame.
  6. Continue weaving strips and securing until the frame is filled.
  7. For a more intricate design, with a minimal number of slits, continue weaving in the opposite direction. Starting at the top of the frame, from the inside) weave a strip in and out of the previously woven strips. (Top to bottom)

Tip for beginners – Start with a minimum number of slits to practice the technique. Once you see the results, you can vary the number of slits.

Fancy cards – use metallic papers (available in most craft stores), and card stock for a more elegant look.

Children’s cards – use scraps of wrapping paper to create a colorful and individual birthday card.

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