How to make your own head scarves

How to make your own head scarves

Headscarves are easy to make but the type of material you choose for the scarf is very important. Filmy, flimsy fabrics are ideal. Lace, silk, or satin are dressy choices too. The problem is these fabrics are difficult for some people to sew. They tend to slip and slide around a lot while stitching making it hard to get stitches exact. Thicker, loosely woven cloth is more appropriate for winter months. Thick fabrics are much easier to sew but don’t look as delicate as a lightweight scarf.

Cut the fabric in a square of 23″X23″. Flimsy fabrics are hard to cut straight so lay a book or something square and heavy on top of the fabric before cutting to keep it from shifting. Measure and fold the edges of the scarf under a half-inch then a half-inch again. Pin the scarf all the way around the edges, measuring to make sure the hem will be straight.

Start at the corner and sew a couple of stitches then back-tack. Begin sewing the hem making sure not to pull the fabric. If you allow the flimsy material to pull through on its own it will tend to bunch. Instead, hold a small portion of the hem down against the machine with thumb and finger spread apart, guiding it as you go. This will prevent the bunching and keep you from pulling it as well. When you get about a half-inch from the next corner stop and turn the fabric. Follow the same instructions, sewing up to each corner and turning.

Most women fold their scarves in half, diagonally, before wearing. To make a scarf that is already folded cut the square and fold right sides together. Start at one corner of the triangle and sew to the point then almost to the next point. Stop and backstitch. Turn scarf right side out and stitch shut. To hold the scarf in the triangular shape top-stitch around the edges, but not along the fold.

Long scarves are great for winter since they can cover your head and throat. Cut the scarf 12″ wide by the length you prefer. To get a general measurement lay a cloth tape measure on top of the head and tie it under the chin. Measure how long you want it to be and cut the cloth that measurement.

Hem the long scarf in a similar manner as the square scarf. You can either leave it one thickness and wear it or make it two-sided. For one thickness simply hem around the edges. For two-sided scarves cut two equal rectangular pieces. Place the pieces right sides together and begin sewing along one long edge.

Don’t start at the corner but in the middle of the long side instead. Sew half the long side, across the small side, up the other long side and back to almost where you started. Stop within a few inches of where you began and backstitch. Turn the scarf right side out and stitch shut. Top-stitch the edges of the scarf, all the way around. Make the scarf reversible by sewing two different patterns together.

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