How to make your own glass wind chime

How to make your own glass wind chime

Wind chimes add beautiful decoration and calming sounds to many yards across the world. They come in numerous forms; they can be made of bamboo, glass, metal, and combinations of the above (among many other creative options). They come in many different sizes, from three-inch long creations that make a twinkling sound to contraptions three feet long that fill the yard with deep and bold ringing. A recent popular trend in the wind chime world is the display of glass wind chime creations.

These range from elaborate stained glass masterpieces to eclectic pressed bottle visions. Unfortunately, these beauties normally have price tags to match their uniqueness, but owning one does not necessarily mean you have to break out a credit card; a beautiful and unique glass wind chime can be created at home for a fraction of the cost and with twice the pleasure of simply purchasing one.

First, collect colorful or unique pieces of glass you would like to use for your chime. Stained glass pieces make a particularly beautiful piece when in the light. You can purchase pre-cut pieces of glass at many craft stores. Buying pre-cut pieces saves you from having to cut the glass and drill holes into it. Preparing your own glass however, allows you to experiment with different shapes and their individual sounds. If you decide to cut your own glass scraps, plan out your wind chime before making a cut.

This will help prevent waste and mistakes. Be sure to choose pieces of glass that are about the same weight heavier pieces that could break more delicate glass if they knock together violently. Make a paper pattern of the shape you would like your glass to be when cut. If the glass is clear enough, you can set the glass on top of the pattern. If it is not clear enough, place the pattern and glass over a light or trace the pattern right on the glass. Another option would be taping your paper pattern onto the glass and cutting around it.

Before you begin cutting the glass, check to make sure you are working on an even surface an uneven surface could cause your delicate glass to break. A glass cutter can be purchased at a local craft or hardware store. Use it to apply pressure to the glass while holding the cutter perpendicular to the scrap (try to keep the amount of pressure you apply constant). This will cause small scratches on the surface and cause stress points to form. Lubricate your cutter after each time you scratch the glass. When you have scratched the entire piece of glass along the pattern, apply pressure to the newly formed stress points. The glass should break apart.

Now that you have the glass pieces for your wind chime, you will need to drill a hole into them. Then you can pass the fishing line through the hole. You will need a handheld drill with a diamond coated bit. If needed, you can submerge your glass in a small amount of water. This will help the bit drill a clean and quick hole.

Next, pick out what material you would like to attach your glass to. Wood is a common choice, but anything sturdy will do. Using the fishing line, hang the piece of glass from the base. This can be done in a few different ways. You can tie the fishing line around the wood base, drill small holes in the base to string the line through or insert small nails to secure the line. Hold the wind chime up to check that your glass pieces will be able to touch before you attach the next piece of glass. When you have finished adding your pieces of glass, you will have the perfect wind chime to add character and ambiance to your home.


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