How to make your own fun astronomy toys

How to make your own fun astronomy toys

If you’re looking for ideas to keep your little stargazer busy, then look no further. These easy-to-make astronomy toys are sure to please you and your child:

Moon bounce- Transform an ordinary ball into a crater-covered moon with the help of some fabric paint and your creativity. Just pick up a few bottles of fabric paint in shades of blue, gray and black; then paint small circles over the entire surface of the ball to simulate the texture of the moon. Once dry, you can use your ball just as you would have before. Note: You can even use this technique to create a replica of one of the planets. Just do a little research to find out what your chosen planet looks like; then buy the paint you need to copy the look.

Space shuttle- Turn an empty paper towel tube into a high tech space shuttle in just a short time. For this project you will need one paper towel tube, white and black paint, a paintbrush, some glue and a small piece of cardboard. Once all of your supplies are gathered, start by painting the tube white. Then, while the tube is drying, cut out some wings for your space shuttle from the cardboard. (These can be painted with the black paint.) After all of the pieces are dry, complete your shuttle by gluing the wings in place, and adding any personal details that you desire. Your space shuttle is then ready to take flight!

Celestial skies- Bring the starry night indoors by creating your very own light show projector. For this project, you’ll need a flashlight, some dark-colored paper, a pencil, and some scissors. Start by tracing the head of the flashlight onto your paper, and cutting out the resulting circle. (This will serve as the slide for your projector.) Then, use your pencil to poke holes into the paper to simulate the look of stars. Finish by placing the slide on top of your flashlight’s lens, and shining the light onto the ceiling of a darkened room. When you look up, you’ll find a sea of stars shining back on you. Note: You can use your creativity to create even more slides for your project Cut out a moon, the planets, or follow a pattern to create your own constellations. The possibilities are endless!

Planetary puzzler- Think you know where all of the planets go? Make a planetary puzzle, and test your knowledge. Just select a picture featuring all of the planets from a book or the Internet, and glue it to a heavy piece of cardboard. Then, once dry, use scissors to cut the picture into pieces, and you’ve got your very own puzzle.

Cosmic magnets- Bring the galaxy to a refrigerator near you by creating a magnetic playset featuring the planets. To create this project, you’ll need to locate a picture of the solar system. Then, once you’ve got your picture, simply cut out all of the planets, and attach a magnet to the back of each one. You can even include astronauts and a space shuttle if you’d like.

Make a few of these fun astronomy toys, and your little one is sure to go blasting off into space.

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