How to make your own favor boxes

You have become engaged to your best friend and are planning to keep costs for the wedding to a minimum but without sacrificing any elegance. The key is to start early and you will find the joy of making many items that will end up saving you a great deal of money. We all want to give our guests some cherished items to remember our wedding. Once the item has been selected or made, you will also want to package this gift elegantly to convey to your guests that they are cherished as well. The following are a few suggestions to accomplish this presentation.

Starting with a plain white box, which can be purchased from any craft store or from various locations on the Internet, first decide what impression you would like to convey to your guests. Once you start, you will realize that the possibilities are endless to the way you can decorate these boxes. Most couples will want to present an elegant package that tells each guest that you are very thankful that they have shared your wedding day with you.

One possibility would be to first enclose the gift in the box, then simply wrap the box as if it were a present using double side tape under the seams to conceal the tape. Next place satin ribbon around all sides of the box. You can then place a silk flower on top or a satin bow.

Another way to wrap the box would be to once again place the gift or candy inside, this time wrap chiffon ribbon around the box first one way then the other so all sides have a ribbon on them. Secure with glue on top and then hot glue a flower on top of that. The box will look elegant. The ribbon could match your bridal colors.

A traditional way to wrap a favor is to first enclose your gift in the box. Next cut a circular piece of tulle and place the gift in the center. Next bring all sides up to the top securing with a satin ribbon and looping two gold rings onto the ribbon, next place a spray of rhinestones or a flower. Lastly, trim the tulle on top so it has an even finish. Your favor will look like it came from a professional decorator.

My favorite way to wrap the favor box is to wrap the favor with tissue paper then wrap the box in some shiny paper, then add the ribbon across all four sides, doing two sides at a time and now add some pearl sprays and satin leaves. To me, it always looks elegant. The ribbon could match or complement the bridal party’s colors and the other decorations.

A plain box can also be decorated in an elaborate manner using brocade fabric and hot glue. With tiny drops of glue, enclose three sides of the box in fabric. Now, if you really want the box to be extra elegant, glue some polyester fiberfill onto the top before covering it with the brocade fabric. Once the fabric is glued on, you can add whatever other decorations you want. It will really be impressive.

If you would like to make the box yourself you can do that as well. Start with cardboard or heavy paper using a small paper bandage box or cookie box as a pattern. Open up all sides so you can see the pattern. Next trace it and hot glue the bottom in place. For the top, you will want to glue on a Velcro circle on the top inside and the box outside. This will seal the box in an easy manner. Now decorate the cardboard, as you would wrap any present with shinny paper or fabric. The top can also be made into a puffy cover by adding the polyester fiberfill first before the covering. Once again you can decorate further with ribbons, lace, etc. You can make it very fancy or as a simple but elegant covering.

The key to an attractive favor box is to fashion it after your own personality or theme. If you will be having a summer casual wedding you might want to hot glue some craft seashells on the wrapping as a personal touch. Your guests will enjoy this fun theme.

Whatever the setting of the wedding, you will add to the decorations by crafting your favorite box to blend with the decorations. If your wedding date falls on or near a holiday, you may want to design your boxes with holiday accents. Some suggestions would be hot gluing stars and strips for a fourth of July theme. Also, hearts for a wedding that is around valentine’s day. This is also, appropriate for any wedding.

A silk rose placed on any box is always elegant and romantic. Roses come in many colors that can match or compliment the bridal colors.

Boxes can be as simple or as fancy as you want them to be. Just as long as you plan ahead of time and allow yourself enough time to design them to suit your own style, your guests will be impressed with your presentation.

For couples who are sports enthusiasts, once again the possibilities are endless. Your guests will be impressed with your originality and knowing your passion for sports, they will appreciate where you are coming from. If they share the same interest, they will think that it is a really cool way to present your favors. There are many sports stickers available that can be used to seal these favor boxes.

Another useful item to package your favor in is an envelope type box. The easiest way to explain how to make an envelope-shaped enclosure is to take a paper envelope and open it up being careful that you don’t rip the paper. With the envelope now flat, you can then get some heavyweight paper or cardboard and trace the pattern of the envelope. Next, fold the triangles until you have formed another envelope and glue them in that shape. Your next step is to decorate the envelope with ribbon or tiny silk flowers or satin vine leaves. Once these items are glued on, you can place your favor inside and seal it with a flower sticker. Another seal for this envelope type box is your new address printed on a label. This is a way of giving everyone your new address.

Another variation of the envelope can be made using a beautiful piece of floral taffeta. Once again using an envelope as a pattern cut the material a little larger than the envelope but this time you will need to sew the sides together working on the wrong side and leaving the top flap open. Now turn it to the right side and press the edges open. You will be able to seal this beautiful envelope by sewing two fancy buttons next to one another. One on the edge of the flap and the other on the top of the opening to the envelope, next enclose your favor and turn the flap over and loop some ribbon around both buttons to form a closure.

And last but not least, I want to end with this thought. Many couples tie the knot (get married) on a boat or may be fishing enthusiast, why not wrap your favor box in a cord and simply tie with a square knot or any knot you have learned as a scout. Next place a card with it explaining the significance and thanking your guest for attending as you literally tie the knot. It’s so appropriate.

The possibilities are numerous to the way these favor boxes can be wrapped to present an attractive package that will indicate to your guests that you have valued their attendance at your wedding.

In conclusion, I want to end with this thought. When you plan ahead and buy materials a little at a time as you see what you want, you will find that the wrapping process goes very smoothly and quickly. Your guest will appreciate the extra effort you have put into making your favorite box elegant. You will also have a sense of satisfaction when you see the completed gifts.

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