How to make your own favor bags

How to make your own favor bags

Whether you are hosting a bridal shower or wedding or just want to send your rehearsal dinner guests home with a small token, it is nice to have favor bags. What is a favor bag? A favor bag is simply a small gift bag that either contains a single present or a small group of items that you are going to give to each guest. Usually favors are given at the end of the party, unless they include something you would like your guests to wear or use during the party. At a wedding, they are often placed on the plates if there is a sit down meal.

Handle bags

You can easily decorate paper handle bags to be cute favor bags for any occasion. Paper handle bags are available in nearly every size and even in a variety of shapes. These simple paper bags often have a cord, paper or twine handles to make them easy to carry. They are available at most parties, discounts, and stationery stores in nearly every color of the rainbow. You can purchase them individually or in a package with several.

Select the paper bags you want, either in a solid color or a small printed pattern. To decorate your bags to match the theme of your party, you can do any of the following:

  • Cut out pictures from wrapping paper or create your own repeating design on the computer and place either one large shape or several scattered shapes on your bag. Attach with double-sided tape. For example, for a bridal shower, you might cut out diamond rings from some wrapping paper or download a picture from the Internet and print it out; place one on the center front of each bag.
  • Use stickers to decorate your bag to match your party theme. Three-dimensional stickers such as the puffy ones or adhesive gems are especially fun.
  • Use rubber stamps and ink to decorate your gift bag.

Purchase tissue paper that matches or complements the color of the bag; this will be used to wrap the favor inside the bag. You may also want some satin or curly ribbon to tie the handles of the bag when you are done.

Plastic favor bags

Want a really fast and cute favor bag? Purchase simple clear plastic treat or sandwich bags (the kind without the zip closure). Wrap each favor in a bright piece of tissue paper and place it in the plastic bag. Gather the top of the bag and tie it with a piece of curly ribbon to match the tissue paper.

Fabric drawstring favor bags

Fabric favor bags are really fun and easy to sew. You will want to use fairly thin fabric and sheers are especially pretty. Here is how to make them:

  1. Cut two rectangles of fabric to approximately an inch larger in size than you want the bag to be. For example, if you want a five-inch square bag, cut two six-inch squares of fabric.
  2. Place the right sides of the fabric together and pin them in place so the edges are aligned.
  3. Make a half-inch seam around three edges of the square.
  4. Use an iron to press on the edge of the fourth side over about three-quarters of an inch, all the way around; this will make a channel into which you can insert the drawstring. Sew the fabric down along the very edge so that it leaves at least a half-inch channel for the drawstring.
  5. Turn the bag right side out.
  6. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut a small slit through one layer of the fabric where the drawstring channel is so you can insert a drawstring. Use a bodkin (an elastic and drawstring threader) to thread a piece of cord or ribbon through the bag.

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