How to make your own fake snow

How to make your own fake snow

Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition.

The whole family gets together after Thanksgiving with Jingle Bells playing in the background. One thing the family needs to decide on is a tree with fake snow or one without. A snow-covered tree is very breathtaking. Especially if you live in a warm climate and snow isn’t apart of the Christmas season.

There are several unique ideas to bring that part of the season inside the home. A simpler thought is can-of-snow. You can go buy them at any department store. However, this way doesn’t give the full effect you may be looking for. Another suggestion is shaving cream but you might get a wavy creation instead of snowy.

Styrofoam can be a fun project for the entire family. Beware of animals reside inside the home. Take extra precautions to secure the tree and the floor beneath loose fragments. With adult supervision, take a three ft. piece of Styrofoam and cut it into four in. squares. Inside a large bowl, carefully with the knife shave the four in. squares. This is done by lightly running the sharp knife over the side of the Styrofoam. After all the squares have been shaved you’ll have a mountain full of snow. Everyone can grab a handful and start dispensing the snow evenly throughout the Christmas tree.

If a bigger effect is what you are looking for, tiny snowballs are the ticket. All the ingredients you need for this brainstorm is flour and a small amount of water. In a medium size bowl fill it halfway full of flour. Add a dab of warm water to the flour, mixing well. Keep adding the water until all the flour is moist. Be careful not to add too much. You only want the flour covered not soaked. Once the flour is ready, roll the dough very thin with a rolling pin. When the dough is thin take a very sharp knife and cut the dough into a half an inch pieces.

After that is accomplished roll the half an inch dough into tiny balls. If you’d like, you can take a paring knife and make each ball different. After the miniature snowballs are finished set aside. Sprinkle a fine layer of flour on some wax paper. Place the ready balls on the wax paper and set them in the freezer for three hours. After three hours, the dough should be solid as a rock. If it isn’t leave it in the freezer a little while longer.

While waiting for the dough to freeze, pre-heat the oven at 250 degrees. When the dough is ready put them on a cookie sheet. Cook them in the oven for an hour. Check frequently to be sure they are not getting discolored or burnt. After letting them cool, place the snow around the tree. If done correctly, you should receive a snowflake effect.

Another way to have fake snow for your tree is wax. The first thing that needs to be done is to put a metal bowl into the freezer overnight. The wax would be limp if not melting inside a room temperature bowl. Be sure to have at least five or six inexpensive white candles lying around.

The next day takes the bowl out of the freezer. With adult supervision take a small sharp knife and gently shave the wax into the bowl. Once the desired amount of snow is achieved pour a small amount into a noodle drainer. Then start shaking the drainer over the tree. This way will help to dispense the wax evenly. Sometimes if the room is warm enough you’ll get a gorgeous icicle effect.

This is a project the whole family will enjoy especially young children. The supplies for this venture may be a bit hard to come by. You need a bucket of dry sand and white paint. If you live near a sandy beach take the kids for a fun day of sand hunting. Your local hardware store should have plenty of sand to buy along with the white paint. Outdoors would be proper for this project. Layout the sand on a piece of newspaper evenly. Use a small, handheld drainer to pour the paint into.

Move the tool back and forth over the sand. Slowly so all the sand can be coated with the paint. Before the paint dries fold the corners of the paper and flip the sand. Then add another covering of paint. Be sure to have all sides of the sand plastered with paint. Let dry overnight in a warm place. When the paint is dry, grab a handful of sand and throw it onto the tree and a little on the ground. This will give the tree and room a snow-filled backdrop.

Imitation snow can change a boring background to a beautiful display. Enjoy experimenting with these ideas. Create and design some of your own for an exciting holiday season.

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