How to make your own cufflinks

How to make your own cufflinks

If you are looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, Chanukah, Graduation, Birthday, Promotions, Groomsmen, or just as a personalized gift for that special man in your life, why not make him a special pair of cufflinks. It is simple to do, and won’t break your bank account.


The first things you will need to get are the backings for your cufflinks. These can be purchased from a hobby shop, craft store, or from an online store. They come in a variety of different finishes and shapes. For a casual pair of cufflinks try using the 15mm round flat metal pads with cufflink backs. These usually sell for $10 for the pair. If you are looking to make a pair of cufflinks for a special or formal occasion, then you should look at getting sterling silver or gold cufflink backs. These will be a little more expensive. You can usually find the sterling silver backings for around $25.00. However, if you look for sales or special coupon sales, you may be able to find a deal.


The front of the cufflink, or the visible portion of the cufflink, will need some thought and ingenuity. You may want to brainstorm about what you want your cufflinks to look like, and what the person you are making them for likes. Also take into consideration their sense of style. If they are conservative, you will not want to make the decorative front too flashy or large. If they are a bit more flamboyant, you can design something a bit more wild.

When you come up with a theme a good place to start looking for cufflink faces is at the craft and hobby store. Here you can search for many departments for the perfect piece. I suggest that you start in the doll and dollhouse accessory department. Here you can find miniature items like working clock faces, initials, buttons, etc. to use for the cufflink face. If you want to make a jewel-face for the cufflink look in the beading department. Here you can find glass beads, decorative stones, and even metal pieces that will look fantastic as a cufflink face.

For the western theme, cufflinks go to the leather and metal department. Here you can find leather pieces, buckles, buttons, etc. with a western motif. To make a western-theme initial cufflink try covering a small button with leather and then burning or branding an initial onto the center of the leather.

If you are planning a wedding and want the groomsmen to all to have special matching cufflinks, making them yourself is an economical route to take. By making them yourself you can incorporate your wedding theme into the design. For example, if you are planning a beach wedding you can use a variety of items for the cufflink face such as small shells or polished moonstones. If you are planning a formal wedding, then use gemstones, colored glass, or silk covered buttons that match the colors of the rest of your wedding decorations.

If you are planning something a bit funkier, then try using charms and trinkets that match the theme. If you are having a Flower Power wedding try using small silk flowers glued to the backing. If you have a skating theme use small skateboards, pewter buttons with skater motif, etc. For a gothic-style wedding, use bloodstone, pewter pin faces with skull design, or black or red silk covered buttons, etc.


Attaching the decorative face to your cufflink backing is very simple. You can microworld, solder or superglue the decorative face onto the backing. Use the method that best fits the materials that you have selected.

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