How to make your own cotton boxer pajamas

How to make your own cotton boxer pajamas

The cotton boxer is not just for men anymore; in fact, they have become a staple piece in women’s sleep and playwear in recent years – in part because of the comfort they provide as well as for the personalization they afford the wearer. Cotton boxers are available ready-made in a large variety of colors and patterns to suit almost any taste. However, if you desire something that is just a little more you – it might be fun to make your own pair of unique boxers. You will get a comfortable set of cotton boxers that fits your personality and style as well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it yourself.

Cotton boxers are a fairly straightforward project, even if you have limited sewing abilities. The first thing that needs to be done is gathering your supplies, you will need a fabric measuring tape, straight pins, scissors, a safety pin, elastic, thread, fabric and of course your sewing machine.

You now have everything you need to handcraft your own personalized pair of boxers. You will need to measure your waist around where you would like the boxers to sit- add one inch to this number and write it down. Next decide how far down your legs you want them to reach, add and write it down. It is now time to head to your favorite fabric store to choose the perfect print or solid to fit your personality or mood. You will need approximately two yards of fabric, for a large set of shorts and matching thread.

Your shorts are ready to be cut out, be sure to lay your fabric out so that your pattern will be in the right direction. Before you start cutting, you will need to divide your waist measurement in half, now you can cut your fabric to the correct waist measurement and the desired length, you will need two of these pieces. These are the pieces that will make your shorts.

Place your pieces right sides together, the right side is the side with the best pattern. Pinto holds them, now sew them together along the outside edges, with a 1/8-inch seam allowance, the space between the edge of the fabric and the thread. Now it is time to sew the inseam, this is the space on the inside of the leg between the crotch and the cuff.

The waist needs to have elastic put into it, this is done by folding the top of the shorts over 1-½ inches and ironing. Pinto keep it in place and sew the casing closed, leaving a 1-inch space in the back to thread the elastic through. Measure out enough elastic to go around the waist of the shorts and add an inch. To make threading the elastic easier, pin the starting end to the fabric using a straight pin, attach the safety pin to the other end of the elastic-begin threading the elastic through the opening.

When the elastic has been put all the way through, fasten it with the first straight pin. Now sew the opening and elastic closed. To finish the legs, fold an ÂĽ inch of each leg up to the inside and sew to make a finished edge.

Congratulations! You have just finished your own unique pair of comfortable cotton boxer shorts. Go ahead try them out. Throw in a movie, make some popcorn, and relax knowing you made them yourself.


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