How to make your own christmas plank snowman

Preparing for Christmas can be both a timely and expensive task. There are multiple presents to buy for friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors. You will need to go grocery shopping to buy all of the ingredients you will need for your Christmas feast and those cookies you plan on baking for your distant relatives. Meanwhile, you are juggling your time between nights buying and wrapping presents and all of the Christmas and holiday parties you have been invited to.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it is very easy to spend an arm and a leg buying tinsel, lights, Christmas tree decorations, garlands and decorative accents for the house. However, with a little imagination and some materials you already have around your house, you can make some pretty creative decorations. Here is how you can make a Christmas plank snowman.

Last Christmas, I was at my sister-in-law’s home and saw that standing by her mantle were three flat snowmen. They were very rustic looking, but made her mantle look fabulous. I inquired as to the price, and when she told me it sounded a little pricey. I made it a point to take a closer look at the snowmen and, when I did, I was amazed at how simple their construction was.

You can simply make one plank snowman or many (a cute idea is to make a snowman for all of your family, so they can decorate their own snowman), but here I will show you how to make a single one. Find a rustic plank of wood that is about six inches wide and three feet tall. The more rustic looking, the better. You can even use old scrap wood. Trust me, it will look better. Now you will simply decorate the plank to look like a snowman.

Paint the entire plank white and start gathering up items to use to decorate your snowman. For example, for his face, you can glue on some large buttons (or pieces of coal) for eyes. For his mouth, you can use yarn or noodles that have been painted. At a crafts store, you can buy an orange carrot or simply fashion one out of paper mache (paint it orange when it has dried). If you are a great painter, you can simply paint on an outfit for your snowman, like trousers and a blazer.

If you are a great sewer, why not make some clothes for your snowman with the extra fabric you have laying around. Be sure to add thick twigs (glue them onto the plank) for your snowman’s arms. Put a top hat (or beret, if you are feeling more European) on your snowman, and don’t forget to tie a scarf around his neck. Now you are completely finished with your main plank for your decorative snowman.

Next, you will want to create a base for your snowman. Get a piece of wood about eight inches long and four to five inches wide. If you are a child, have an adult help you with this part. Using extra-strength wood glue or a hammer and nails, glue, or nail in your snowman plank onto this base plank (it should be nailed in perpendicular from the base).

If you wish, you may want to paint the base plank before gluing it or nailing it to your snowman. You can simply paint it black or be creative and paint your snowman’s name on the base. Once the glue has set or the nails have been hammered in, your snowman is ready to be put on display.

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