How to make your own cheap robot costume

How to make your own cheap robot costume

Nowadays you practically have to take out a second mortgage just to get a costume for Halloween. Even the grocery stores, who used to pack the Halloween aisles with cheaper costumes, now have those expensive and elaborate costumes that cost a fortune. If you want to be really cheap you can go out wearing a plain white t-shirt that has Costume scrawled in black permanent marker on the front or you can take a little time and make a homemade robot costume.


  • Large box

For the body of the robot costume, you will need a box that is large enough for you to put over your head and wear on your body. If you don’t have an old television box laying around your house, go to a grocery store and ask for one. They will be more than happy to let you have one for free. Cut out the bottom section completely and make circular holes on the sides for your arms to slip through and a hole on top for your head. Spray paint the entire box gray and let dry outside.

Once the box is completely dry, use your poster paints to draw different dials and buttons on the box. For example, on the front you can draw a Costume-Meter, reminiscent of those clap meters. Draw a half circle with the flat part on the bottom. On the perimeter of the circular part of the circle, draw small lines about half an inch apart.

On the line to the extreme left, write out Bad Costume. Above the line directly in the center of the half circle, write Okay Costume, and on the line to the extreme right, write out Great Costume! You can either draw an arrow pointing towards the Great Costume on the meter or make the meter interactive. To do this, cut out an arrow on some construction paper. Using a brad or thumbtack, tack the arrow onto the center of the half circle so that you can move the arrow back and forth across the meter.

This way, you can ask people what they think of your costume and they can show you with the arrow. If you use something like a thumb tack, make sure to put a little piece of a rubber eraser on the pointy end (inside the box) so that it doesn’t scratch you while you wear it. Be creative with your different drawn buttons and dials.

Make a robot headband by gluing two small springs or pipe cleaners to your plain black headband so that they stick straight up out of your head when you wear the headband. Spray paint the Styrofoam balls gray and then stick one each on the springs or pipe cleaners.

On Halloween, wear the box over some black leggings and a black leotard or tight-fitting black long-sleeved shirt. Paint your face gray with some face paint and make sure to walk around with a serious look most of the night. You can even break out and perform The Robot if the feeling strikes you.

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