How to make your own cheap penguin costume

How to make your own cheap penguin costume

Love penguins? Looking for a unique and inexpensive Halloween costume? How about making your own penguin costume to wear to the Halloween festivities? It’s easy and cheap.

First, you need a long-sleeved black shirt. Since penguins have long black wings, you really should use a long-sleeved shirt rather than a short-sleeved one. Then you need a full-length black dress, full-length black skirt, or black pants. A full-length black skirt or dress is the best way to go because they will look more penguin-like. But if you can’t find either or would rather wear pants, you won’t ruin the costume by wearing long black pants. Now you need about a yard of white fabric.

White felt is ideal because it is inexpensive and will keep its shape, but feel free to use whatever works best for you. Cut the yard of white fabric into an oval. This will be attached to your belly once you have on your black outfit. It can be simply attached with safety pins. You want this white oval to start from your chest and go down to your knees. If it’s longer than that don’t worry, penguins are white from their neck to their feet so you have some leeway with the length. For the feet, find an old pair of shoes.

Doesn’t matter whether they are sneakers, slippers, or whatever, just as long as they are shoes you don’t care about. Then you need a bottle of yellow acrylic craft paint (very inexpensive if bought at a general department store or a craft store, skip the hobby shop or an art store). Then paint the shoes yellow. It’s best to paint several thin layers letting the paint dry between coats. By the way, acrylic craft paint is suggested because it is easy to clean up when wet and is durable when dry.

When it comes to figuring out the feet for this costume, the truth is that not all penguins have yellow or orange feet. Many have black or even gray, so dark shoes will do. However, yellow shoes are a great touch to this costume and are likely to emphasize the fact you are indeed dressed as a penguin. Last of all, for this costume you need a break. You will need your yellow acrylic craft paint, as well as black and white paint too. The easiest way to make a beak is to find an old baseball cap and paint the brim yellow.

Hopefully, the hat is already a dark color, but if it isn’t you can paint the rest of the cap black. Then with white paint, add eyes above the yellow bill. Be sure to put black circles in the center of the white circles and you’ll have easy to paint eyes. For an extra touch, add a pair of black mittens which will help your hands look more like the ends of penguin wings. Now put on your black clothes, pin on your white belly, put on your yellow shoes, your painted penguin bill and eyes hat, your black mittens, and you’re ready to go.


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