How to make your own cheap nurse costume

Dressing up for Halloween can be fun, but sometimes it can be expensive. Trying to find that perfect costume without spending a fortune can make you pull out your hair. I have some great solutions for anyone that wants to dress like a nurse for Halloween. These suggestions are not only cost-effective but easy for one to make.

One of the easiest ways to create this costume is to start in your closet. Look for a white skirt and a white shirt. Also most nurses wear white shoes and stockings. Even if you are a guy and you want to dress like a nurse get out a dress remember this is a costume.

Now you will need a stethoscope (the thing used to listen to your heart). This can be made rather easily with some heavy yarn a button and some pipe cleaners. Take the pipe cleaners and put about six of the together. Form a Y shape, three on each side. At the top of the y roll the ends to make an “ear pieces” at the bottom of the y attach the yarn and hang a button on the end of the yarn.

Look around for things that you might think a nurse will use. You can get a thermometer (use a large candy thermometer for added flare) to put in your pocket or to wear. Get some Popsicle sticks to make believe that they are tongue depressors. You can get a piece of cardboard or some stiff cardstock and draw what looks like a syringe on it and cut it out to add to your costume.

You will also need a hat. This can be made from a piece of paper or white card stock. Make a trapezoid shape out of the paper and use the longer side for the bottom of the hat. You can also just take a nice napkin and pin it to your hair as a white fluff to look like a silly nurse’s hat.

One idea would be to get an easy sew pattern of a dress. There are patterns out now that anyone can do with just a little effort. You will need to get some white material and thread to make the dress. You will also have to have some shoes and other items that a nurse would have.

One good way to get the accessories to go with your costume is to get a doctor play bag in the toy section of you everything store. These are usually very inexpensive and have a lot of items that will work great with your costume.

One thing you need to remember is that this is a costume and you can dress it up or down as much as you would like. If you want to wear pants you can. If you want a gross looking nurse or a scary nurse add some blood to the costume and tease your hair. Use your imagination and go wild with the costume. You just need to get the basic stuff and let your imagination run wild.

One thing you need to remember

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