How to make your own cheap ladybug costume

How to make your own cheap ladybug costume

Finding a great costume that doesn’t cost you an arm and a let can sometimes be a daunting task. I have come up with some solutions that will help you make a great inexpensive lady bug costume for all of your Halloween needs.

One of the most inexpensive ideas that I have come up with is to get a red sweatshirt and a pair of black sweat pants to start the costume. You will then need about a yard of black material (anything really inexpensive will work) and a black hat (stocking works great). Now with the black material cut out approx 10 circles that measure 4 inches across. You are going to glue these onto the back of the sweatshirt to be the black spots on the ladybug. You are now going to take 4 strips of material that measure about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide.

You will then sew the strips along the long end creating a tube. Turn the tubes so that the seams are inside the tubes. Sew one end of each tube together and then you will stuff the tubes and sew them shut this will make the extra arms for the ladybug. Attach the arms or legs as you will to the sweatshirt along the sides so that with the person’s arms and the extra arms you have the right amount of legs. The arms can work together if you connect them with a bit of yarn. This will cause the extra arms to move when the person moves his or her arms.

For the antenna that the bug has, you can take an inexpensive stocking cap and add the antenna. For this you will need one cap preferably black, two pieces of black cloth approx 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. You will sew fold lengths way and sew tubes out of the cloth. These will be stuffed and you can add some crafting wire inside to make them stand up. For the tops of the antenna, you can get some red pompoms in your local crafting store.

If you wish to get a bit craftier you can make the wings to attach to the back like a lady bug. You will need to get red material a half of a yard will be plenty. The wings should be cut in an oblong shape that is flat on one end and comes to a point at the other end and is still circular in shape.

Remember you do not have to be perfect, all wings are not exactly alike out in the wilderness. You can glue the wings to some paper to make them a bit sturdier and not so cloth-like. Just use a light paper, the glue will help with the stiffness you are trying to achieve. To attach the wings you will take the flat side and sew (just easy stitches) the wings to the shoulder of the shirt.

You do not have to go and get a new sweatsuit to make this costume. You can use anything that you might already have on hand, including pajamas, a red turtle neck, or just a red button-down shirt. Go to the second-hand store and get a red outfit. Use your imagination. The outfit that you get to make into the costume doesn’t have to be exactly bright red.

All ladybugs are different so you don’t have to make it look like it came from a professional shop. You can get great results by just using your imagination and having fun with the project. If you want to include family members, get everyone together, and make costumes for the whole family and go out as the ladybug family.

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