How to make your own cheap hippie costume

How to make your own cheap hippie costume

When it comes time for Halloween, the hippie costume is a perennial favorite, perhaps because it’s a costume that you can put together easily. The hippie costume can also be very cheap to assemble because you can use a lot of items you already have around the house, things you can borrow from friends and family, and clothes you can buy from a thrift store.


Bell-bottoms It might be possible to find a real pair, especially since they come back into fashion every so often. It’s also possible to make your own from an old pair of jeans. Just cut up from the cuff about three-quarters of the way to the knee. Then sew in an extra panel of fabric. If you do this on both sides, you’ll get pant legs with the appropriate bell-bottom flow.

Tie-dyed T-shirts This is an article of clothing that should be easy to find since they’ve never really gone out of style. Tie-dyeing your own shirt is also a fun and easy craft.

Fringed shirts and vests If you’re lucky, you might be able to find one of these in someone’s closet or at a thrift store. You can also improvise by cutting strips in old shirts. Make a vest out of a T-shirt by cutting down the middle, cutting out the collar, and removing the sleeves.

Peasant blouse Unless you have sewing practice, you’ll have to go on a hunt for these flowing flower-child shirts.

Long, flowing dress or skirt Again, something you’ll most likely have to search for rather than make. Look for floral or ethnic art patterns rather than solids.


Jewelry Long strands of beads will add to your look, but try to avoid the shiny, metallic, Mardi Gras-style beads. Also, consider jewelry made of natural materials like shells or hemp. You’ll most likely find these just from looking around the house, but if you need to buy them, look for appropriate jewelry at a dollar store. You can also usually buy cheap beads in the toy or party supply department, although you might have to look harder to avoid the overly shiny beads.

Shoe Sandals are best for the hippie look. Going barefoot is even better if it’s possible. For women, knee-high boots are also a possibility.

Protest sign Making a sign out of cardboard and a yardstick will add to the hippie look. Use markers or paint to create slogans like Make Love, Not War, Give Peace a Chance, or any other idea you might have.

Other – Small, tinted-lens sunglasses are also appropriate if you can find them. You can usually find cheap fashion sunglasses at your local department store if you don’t already own a suitable pair. If you’re looking for them in October, you might even be able to buy them on clearance. You can also add to your costume by painting peace signs, flowers, and slogans on your body. You can use either Halloween make-up or poster paint/face paint for your body art.

Combine your favorite items from the list of possibilities, practice making a peace sign with your fingers, and you’ll be ready for a night of hippie Halloween fun.

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