How to make your own cheap Elvis costume

How to make your own cheap Elvis costume

Making a cheap Elvis costume is a fun and easy project! This guide will provide you with instructions to fashion Elvis Presley’s popular sequined stage outfit, but the variation possibilities are endless. Choose any appearance of the King of Rock and Roll or create your own spin on his most well-known look!

Start with the jacket, the most difficult aspect. It is probably best to sew this yourself, out of a satiny fabric if possible, though a suit jacket you already have can be altered easily enough. The jacket is usually left open and is tucked into the pants, meaning you will have to sew or alter it to be fairly short, and remove the front flaps. The best way to do this with a jacket you already own is to cut away the buttoning area and the flaps’ fabric and hem it so it will not quite close enough to be fastened.

The hems should taper into a v-shape so that it comes together and can be buttoned at the bottom if desired. Leave the sleeves undone or buttoned with as much wrist leeway as possible, and alter the collar so it no longer folds down but forms a half-funnel around the wearer’s face. (If the collar is large, some material may have to be removed.) The jacket can then be decorated with sequins or other jewels, however, you desire. Under the jacket, wear a red, blue or black shirt normally.

For a different look, eliminate the inner shirt and add color to the jacket. Line the hems with red or blue in a v-shape leading up to and including the collar, using a similar material or something that shines, satin or a glittery fabric. Dyeing areas of the jacket will produce a bright look but the dye might bleed, so that method is not recommended. Alternately, replace the inside shirt with a brightly-colored scarf.

The pants are slim-fitting and white, and you can probably obtain them at a thrift shop or sew them using a standard streamlined pattern. Cuts slits of about four inches at the bottom, on the inside of the legs, and hem the slits into a triangular shape. (This can also be done with the sleeves, if you desire.) Decorate with sequins or other paraphernalia, in particular along the inside and outside seams. A wide belt matching your shirt color is then needed, preferably with an ornate belt buckle. (Silver or gold work well here.) For shoes, considering picking up black ones with pointed toes and perhaps a bit of a heel.

The hair will be difficult, unless you already have sideburns and a cowlick. Fortunately Elvis wigs are cheap and easy to come by – if you cannot find one at your local mall, have a look at an online costume or wig shop. If you do have the hair, simply use gel to give it a little curl in the front.

A half-cape is a great addition to this costume, and you can also accessorize it with sunglasses, a wireless microphone, or even an acoustic guitar. Customize it, and your costume is sure to stand out in a crowd.

A half-cape

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