How to make your own cheap elmo costume

How to make your own cheap elmo costume

This is how you can turn your little monster into Elmo with out breaking your budget.

Every mom knows that being prepared is the first step to completing a successful craft. The best way to be prepared for this project is to make a list of the supplies that you will need. I would suggest looking at your local thrift stores to find some of the supplies needed , you will however need to drop in on your local arts and crafts store as well. If you do not already own a hot glue gun and glue sticks you will want to purchase both of these items to make this costume.

Other supplies that you will need include:

A bright red hooded sweatsuit in your child’s size, fuzzy Elmo slippers or bright red canvas sneakers in your child’s size, red socks (optional), red knit mittens (optional), three Styrofoam balls three inches in diameter, bright orange craft paint, and finally black and orange puffy fabric paint.

To help you with your budget here is a price list that I have compiled. You may need to do some searching but this costume should remain relatively cheap. A hot glue gun with glue sticks $5, bright red hooded sweat suit $7, Elmo slippers $5, red sneakers $3, red socks $1, red mittens $1, and finally the Styrofoam balls and paints should be no more then $5 all together. The entire costume should cost you less then $25 total compared to $50 or more at your local costume store. Also by making it yourself it is guaranteed to be in the right size.

Now that you have all of your supplies you are ready to get started making the costume. First things first plug in your hot glue gun and insert the glue stick. Place the hooded sweatsuit top flat on the table and put a piece of cardboard underneath the front flap of the hood so it does not get glued together. Next, you will want to paint one of the Styrofoam balls with the orange craft paint, this will be Elmo’s nose.

Set the nose on the side to dry. Next, grab your child’s box of markers and put three dots on the front flap of the hood for Elmo’s eyes and nose. Try to place the dots for the eyes about four inches apart and center the nose two inches below the eyes. Grab your hot glue gun and carefully place glue on the two dots that you made for the eyes then affix the two Styrofoam balls over the glue.

Since the nose is probably still drying pull out the orange and black puffy fabric paint and write the word ELMO in bubble letters on the front of the hooded sweatsuit top. I would suggest using the black paint as your outline for the letters and filling in the center with the orange paint. Then take your black puffy fabric paint and draw a circle on each of the Styrofoam eyes to make Elmo’s eyeballs.

The now orange Styrofoam ball should be dry so take your glue gun and place a glob of glue over the dot you made for Elmo’s nose and affix the orange Styrofoam ball to the glue. I would suggest letting the costume sit for a couple of hours to make sure all of the paint is dry and you are done. Do not forget to unplug your glue gun and put away all of your leftover supplies.

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