How to make your own cheap Egyptian costume

How to make your own cheap Egyptian costume

Egyptian Halloween costumes can be fun and glamorous.

They can also be cheap to create through a combination of closet or thrift store finds and homemade accents.

Costume base Both men and women can start off their costume with a full slip or a sleeveless white dress. You don’t want the fabric to be skintight, but you also don’t want the skirt portion to move too much. For a guy who doesn’t mind going bare-chested, a half-slip or any other sort of plain white skirt will also work for an Egyptian-style bottom.

Collar A collar is easy to make by simply cutting a large circle in a piece of slightly stiff fabric and then cutting a second circle for your head. Drape the collar over your shoulders. Gold is a typical color for Egyptian accessories. Metallic fabric will probably be expensive unless you can find it on clearance, but you can create a similar effect by making your collar out of the cheapest solid-colored fabric you can find and then adding gold accents with fabric paint or glued-on bits of gold mylar wrapping paper. You can also stiffen a cheap fabric like cotton with laundry starch.

Headpiece The headpiece can simply be a gold band that circles your head. You can make it by linking several gold chains from costume jewelry, using a piece of gold-sequined elastic to make a stretchy headband, or using the same idea as the collar and taking a band of any color fabric and attaching or painting on gold accents.

Belt Again, the gold-sequined elastic is a possibility for a belt, as is a piece of collar fabric with gold accents. Add a dangling flap to the front of the belt made from another piece of fabric. You could even use thin cardboard since it will just hang in front of you.

Armbands Look for a gold cuff arm bracelet. They become popular every once in a while, so you may be able to find one by searching through family jewelry boxes or at thrift stores. Like with other accessory pieces, gold-sequined elastic or a strip of gold-accented fabric can give you a slip-on arm ornament.

Hieroglyphics Look online or get books from the library to find the appropriate symbols and signs to paint on your accessories for added authenticity.

Shoe Sandals will work, the more neutral the better. You can also go barefoot if the environment will allow it.

Wig Unless you happen to have dark hair and the right straight, shoulder-length hairstyle, this is one place where you might want to spring for a factory-made product. Look for sales as Halloween approaches. You’ll most likely find a better price if you buy your wig from a department store rather than a specialty costume shop. If you’re the sort who plans ahead far enough, the cheapest time to buy a Halloween wig is the day after Halloween. You might even find some other useful accessories.

Make-up A black eyeliner pencil will work wonders to create dark Egyptian eye make-up. If you don’t wear eyeliner on a regular basis, the cheapest brands are usually available at any store for less than a dollar. Once you’ve created the eyes, you’ll probably want to go dramatic with the rest of your make-up, but again if you don’t normally wear make-up, cheap brands are easy to find.


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