How to make your own cheap clog shoes for clogging lessons

How to make your own cheap clog shoes for clogging lessons

Clog dancing, or “clogging”, as it is often known, originally started in Great Britain. This type of dance is a group activity where each individual performs the same uniform steps. Clog dancing is related to tap dancing in that the upper body stays practically motionless, while the feet and legs are the main parts of a person’s body that is used.

This type of dancing got its name from the shoes that were worn when people clogged long ago. “Cloggers” are wooden shoes that were worn in Holland. These shoes have a very low heel around the foot, and a pointed up toe. The wooden shoes allowed the dancers to make a distinct tapping sound on the floor. As clog dancing made its way around the globe, the type of shoes that were worn changed. The wooden clogs were replaced by leather shoes that had taps or pieces of steel attached to the soles.

If you have a child that is getting ready to take clogging lessons, he or she probably won’t want to wear a pair of authentic wooden clogs to dance in. Your son or daughter will probably take about twelve weeks of lessons to learn this dance, and a comfortable, yet suitable pair of shoes is required.

Modern-day clog dancers typically wear shoes that have hard soles and leather uppers. Attached to the bottom of the soles are taps or small pieces of metal. These taps make a loud clicking sound when the shoes make contact with the bare floor. Some dancers still even wear wooden-soled shoes, while others wear oxford shoes.

Since a good pair of clog dancing shoes for your child would probably cost around a hundred dollars, you might want to find a reasonably priced alternative. Children’s feet can grow very fast, and because of that, you could have to purchase more than one pair of shoes. A less expensive alternative would be to visit your local used clothing store. There are many stores that cater to children in particular. See if you can find a comfortable pair of shoes in your child’s size, of course. The soles need to be a type of hard material, and the uppers should be soft leather. The color of the shoes really doesn’t matter. And neither does it matter if they are lace-up shoes, slip-on, or Velcro.

As for the taps that are needed on the bottoms of the soles, you can buy actual metal taps at your local shoe store. You can expect to pay less than five dollars for a package of them which is one pair. Included with the taps are a couple tiny metal nails. To apply the taps, you simply turn each shoe over and position each one on the toe of the shoe. Then, use a small tack hammer and the nails to secure the taps onto the sole of each shoe.

If the leather uppers of the shoes are scuffed, you can spiff them up by using some matching shoe polish.

Another way to make your child their own cheap clog shoes is to check with family, friends, and neighbors. If they have children that are older than yours, then they might have shoes that their children have outgrown already. As long as they fit your child, have hard soles and leather uppers, you can transform them into shoes that your child can wear while they take their clogging lessons.

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