How to make your own cheap cat costume

How to make your own cheap cat costume

Halloween is around the corner and every grocery store and department store is overflowing with Halloween decorations, candies, and costumes. If you ever take a look at some of those costume prices, though, they can be a fortune for what is essentially some cloth and plastic. Why not try your hand at making your own costume this year? You don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to make your own costume, nor do you have to have deep pockets. Here are some ideas to make your own cheap cat costume.

What exactly will you need for your homemade cat costume? You will need a tail, some cat ears, claws, and some whiskers and just a hint of sewing ability. And by sewing, I mean being able to thread a needle and roughly make a stitch. You’ll be using all black or white material anyway, so who cares if your stitching looks like Frankenstein’s head?

For the tail, buy some long strips of black or white felt (depending on the color of cat you want to be), and one extra piece of black or white felt and a small piece of gray felt (for the ears, which we will get into later). Lay the long piece of felt out and determine how long you will want your tail to be. You will need your piece of felt to be about two and a half to three inches wide and as long as you desire. In the middle of the piece of felt, stack some stuffing material (maybe something like cotton balls) for how thick you want the tail to be.

If you want your tail to be flexible, lie down some interwoven pipe cleaners down the center as well. Once you have your stuffing all laid out, fold up the two sides of felt (like a taco) and pin the edges together which will help you when you sew. Pinch the ends together, as well, so the stuffing does not fall out. Using thread that is the same color as the felt, stitch up the length of the tail and the ends. You should have a long, thick tail that may or may not be shapeable (depending on whether or not you chose to use pipe cleaners).

Now you will want to make some cat ears. The best way to do this is to use a stretchy headband that you already have or go buy a cheap black one from the dollar store. Make sure it is plain and made of cotton. Cut your black (or white) felt out into two triangular cat-ear shapes. Cut the gray piece of felt into a smaller triangular shape and hot glue this onto the black felt cat ear. Using black thread (or white if you are making white cat ears), sew the felt ear onto the headband so that it sticks straight up.

The easiest way to get cat claws is to buy a cheap package of press-on nails and paint them black. Make sure to get the extra-long nails. As for whiskers, use a black eyeliner pencil to draw on a cat nose (in the shape of a triangle at the tip of your nose) and some whiskers. Put these cat enhancements on over a black leotard or some other tight-fitting black shirt and some black leggings.

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