How to make your own casino theme party invitations

casino theme party

If you are planning to host a casino party in your home, then kick off the celebration with some creative invitations. I bet your guests will be impressed! Here is what you’ll need:

  • Playing Cards (one playing card needed per invitation)
  • Sticky-backed Velcro
  • Black Poster Board (You will be cutting the poster board into 5″x8″ rectangles, one rectangle per invitation)
  • Silver Puff Paint with a writing tip (available at your local craft store or on the internet)
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paint Pen with Gold-colored ink (available at your local craft store or online)


  1. Using a razor, a box cutter, or a very durable pair of scissors, cut you, black poster board, into 5″x8″ rectangles. You should cut a few extra invitations, in case you make any mistakes, or in case you decide to invite any additional guests to the casino party.
  2. Cut your Velcro into 1″x2″ rectangles.
  3. In the center of one side of each invitation, affix your Velcro rectangle, length-wise.
  4. On the opposite side of the Velcro (the sticky side that is now facing up), affix one playing card to each invitation, face-side up. If you are not using a whole deck of cards (that would be quite a large party), then make a list to keep track of the cards that you are using. **The reason that you are attaching the playing cards with Velcro is so that your guests can remove the playing card from their invitation and bring it to the party. You will buy another deck of cards for a raffle at the party. In a raffle box, put in all of the cards from the new deck that you had put on the invitations. At the end of the night, have a drawing. Whoever has the matching card to the card that you draw will win a prize, such as a gift certificate or a fruit basket. If you do not want to have a raffle, then you can simply affix the playing cards with glue to the front of your invitations.
  5. Cut your aluminum foil into rectangular frames, so that they frame the playing cards.
  6. Mount the aluminum foil frames onto your poster board invitations with glue. Smooth out any bumps so that the aluminum is flush against the poster board.
  7. On a scrap piece of paper, practice making a few lines with your puff paint (if you just start on the invitation itself, you might end up making a messy mistake).
  8. Using your puff paint, draw a diagonal line from in each corner of your aluminum frame, so that the sides of the frame look like they are pieced together like a normal picture frame. This will give your invitation a more three-dimensional look. Allow the paint to dry completely before you move on to the next step.
  9. On a scrap piece of paper, practice writing a few words with your gold-inked paint pen.
  10. On the back of your invitation, print the invitation wording, using your gold-inked paint pen. Write in the center of your invitation, leaving at least an inch or so border around the words. Your wording might go something like this:

Roy and Robin Gibson’s
Classic Casino Party
Get Ready for a Night of Games and Thrills!
Saturday, May 5th at 8:00
155 North Rondout Blvd.
Gradyville, NC
RSVP by May 1st
Bring Your Playing Card for a Raffle!

  1. Cover the border surrounding your wording with a thin layer of glue.
  2. Sprinkle the glitter over the back of the invitation, so that it sticks to the glue border that you just applied. Shake off the excess glitter. Allow the glitter border to dry completely before you put your invitations into envelopes.

That’s it! This is really a simple way to make stand-out invitations that will put your guests in the mood to party! Have fun!


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