How to make your own cake candles

How to make your own cake candles

If you’ve visited any of your usual retail stores lately, you’ve probably noticed that textured candles are very popular right now. Their lumps, bumps, and swirls add interest to what otherwise would be just an ordinary pillar. But, often these candles’ uniqueness comes with a hefty price tag.

Well, there’s no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on something that’s just going to burn away to nothing anyway. You can make your own “cake” style candles, both easily and affordably.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Inexpensive pillar or votive candles (These can be bought for a buck or two at your local dollar store.)

Paraffin wax (You can find Gulf wax at your local grocery store in the canning section.)

Candle scent and candle dye (Look in Wal-Mart’s craft section or your favorite craft store. Fragrances are generally priced at $2-$3 per ounce. Candle dyes are also relatively inexpensive. You can also use crayons to color your wax.)


Double boiler

Plastic spatula

Wax paper

Here’s how you do it:

1.) Melt your paraffin wax and candle dye (or crayons) in a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can create a makeshift one by filling a large pan with a couple of inches of water and floating a smaller pan in the water. Do NOT melt your wax in a pan that is directly on the burner. Wax may ignite or explode if it reaches too high of a temperature!
2.) Prepare your work area by covering it with a layer of wax paper. This will protect your countertops from dripping wax. (Making cake candles can be messy!)
3.) Once your wax is completely clear and melted, remove from heat. Add your candle scent and stir (A half-ounce should scent enough wax for three or four cake candles.).
4.) Allow the wax to cool until a thin skin forms on its top.
5.) Use your whisk to begin whipping the wax. As you beat air into the wax, it will become frothy and will begin to harden.
6.) Once it reaches gelatin to cottage cheese consistency, use your plastic spatula to quickly apply the whipped wax to the exterior of the store-bought pillar or votive, taking care to evenly cover the sides and top.
7.) Allow to cool and dry completely
8.) Light and enjoy your very own “cake” candle!

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