How to make your own bubbles

How to make your own bubbles

If you find that store bought bubbles just do not last long enough and are not very strong, then making your own bubbles might be just the right thing to do. It can be fun, easy and inexpensive.

Now the first step may take some experimentation to find the best soap to use, but there are many places out there to find recommendations as to which soaps work best for bubble making. You can just go ahead and try the dish soap you already have in your house, to begin with, and if that does not work too well go out and pick up a few different ones to try.

They are cheap and will get used for their regular purpose if they do not work well for bubble making. Also, some areas of water may make a difference as to how effective the soaps work to make bubbles. So if one soap is recommended to you but does not work well, that does not mean you are out of luck. Another soap may work better with the water in your area.

Get yourself a good clean bucket and put in 1 cup of dish soap to every 12 cups of water. This is a basic mix, some times you will need to add in more water, especially is it is a dry day. Mix the water gently, but not too much. You do not want small bubbles forming at the top of the water. Those bubbles actually make it harder to get the bigger stronger bubbles. Some people recommend adding in glycerine, a few tablespoons, to help make the bubbles last longer.

Now you have your bubble mix and it is time to see just how good the mix works. There is a fair amount of ways to make simple homemade bubble wands. A simple plastic six-pack holder as-is will work great. Just put it in the bubble mix and you are ready to go.

A trick to making good-sized bubbles is to move slowly. Whatever you are using for your bubble maker you need to move it slowly through the air to get the best-sized bubbles. Basically move it just fast enough so that you are catching air in the soap. Just gently move the bubble maker through the air and if the mix is good you should get some nice sized, strong bubbles. If you are unable to get good bubbles you might try to play with the mixture some or try a different dish soap.

To get larger bubbles you can put together a simple bubble wand from string and straws. Just take two straws, pass some string through them and tie them the string off. The more string you use the larger the possible bubbles. The key with this is to make sure that whatever size you go for you can hold firmly in your hands with the string being taut.

There is a small trick to getting the bubbles to release from this kind of bubble maker though. You need to twist over the whole thing quickly enough to get the bubble to sell itself well. When it comes to making the real big bubbles there is a level of practice that is needed to learn the movements.

The important part of this all is to just have fun. Sitting there on a nice summer day with your children making bubbles can be a great way to spend time as a family.

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