How to make your own bubble wands

How to make your own bubble wands

Want to draw the kids outdoors on a cloudless afternoon?

Whip up a batch of bubble-stuff and get busy crafting fun gadgets to produce all sorts of bubbles. Following are bubble wand ideas made using commonplace household items to help you embark on this creative undertaking.

The little plastic baskets that berries come in make great bubble wands. Simply dip the basket into your bubble solution and wave it around. Another option is to cut the basket into several squares or other shapes. Older kids may want to slice their initials or a paddle out of the grid-like plastic.

Remember pipe cleaners? They’re still around and they are ideal for constructing bubble blowers. Twist two or more together for bigger bubbles, and wind on another for a handle. Help the little ones bend the wire into cool shapes like hearts, diamonds, or stars.

Cookie cutters aren’t just for playdough! Your brood will have a blast dunking the shapes and waving them around. For best results, use the old-fashioned, bent metal type rather than the plastic, handled cookie cutters.

Score the center of a plastic lid, such as from a container of margarine. Make a classic circle or, if you’re feeling inspired, a flourishing daisy. Tack on a chopstick, pencil, or ruler for an instant handle.

Thread a piece of string or yarn through two drinking straws and tie the ends of the string together. Using the straws as handles, stretch the string into shapes like rectangles or diamonds and immerse it into your solution. Straws by themselves also work well. Simply dunk one end and blow through the other. Be sure little ones don’t inhale!

Fly swatters will manufacture millions of tiny bubbles. Plunge into the liquid and spin around for a mini cyclone. Of course, you will want to supply an unused swatter to diminish the gross-out factor, even if your little bug-squasher balks!

Another obvious item is the sturdy yet manipulative wire clothes hanger. For smaller bubbles unwind the hanger and straighten out the wire. Loop a small section at one end and use the length as a handle. For more sizeable bubbles leave the hanger intact and simply stretch the opening into the desired shape. Uncoil the top of the hanger for a little grip.

In both cases, wrap the ends with duct tape to cover sharp edges. Also, a cotton cord wound around the wand will act as a wick, helping you to create bigger bubbles.

And speaking of bigger, for a grand finale how about a bubble your kids (or you!) can actually stand in? For this one, you will need plenty of room and lots of bubble solution. Place something sizeable and sturdy enough for your child to stand on, such as a wooden board or small stool, into an empty kiddie pool.

Fill the pool with a few inches of your bubble mixture and place a hula-hoop in it. Have your child stand on the board and carefully lift the hoop for a giant, kid-sized bubble. Or, if you are feeling industrious, design a pulley system by tying pieces of rope to four sides of the hoop and fastening them to another length of rope long enough to toss over a tree branch. Kids can then hoist the hoop over their heads.

Look around the house and see what other ideas you can come up with. Then spend the day out in the sun with your family. You’ll all have a ball making bubbles and memories.

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