How to make your own bubble solution

How to make your own bubble solution

The art of bubble blowing has long been a fascination of children around the world. Unfortunately, it has also consumed a great deal of the parents’ money. The more their children blow those bubbles into the air, the more it seems like that money is floating away with each one. So, what is a parent to do? Should Mommy tell her child that there will be no more bubbles? Should Daddy tell his child to limit the amount of fun spent out in the yard? No. The answer is simple.

Get frugal! Get crafty! Make your own bubbles! The ingredients are readily available in nearly all households, and the method is fairly simple. In order to create hours of bubble fun (and have the kids stand in awe because Mommy knows how to magically whip up a whole new batch of bubbles at a moment’s notice), you will need to have a few things available to you.

First, you will need a plastic container (an old bubble bottle or even a Dixie cup will work) to hold the solution.
Then you will need a bubble wand or anything else with a hole in one end for blowing the bubbles. A straw works fairly well if you can’t find anything else. Just be the kids don’t suck the solution!

You will also need a liquid dish detergent (I suggest Palmolive Ultra for Dry Skin because it is clear and won’t cause an allergic reaction in children who are sensitive to dyes.)
And don’t forget a little water to thin the dish detergent.

Mixing the ingredients is a fairly simple task. The trick is to make sure you get just the right consistency of water vs. detergent. Too much water will thin the detergent to the point where bubbles burst before leaving the wand. This is not a pleasant experience, as the solution splatters all over the blower’s face, and sometimes in the eyes. Too little water will cause the bubbles to be too heavy to float.

Evidence of this can be found on the tops of children’s shoes. The best method is to add equal amounts of water and detergent. Be sure to add the water first.If you wait and add it after you’ve already poured the detergent, you’ll have a barrage of bubbles in the cup similar to a lavish bubble bath, and you won’t be able to see the level of solution. After adding the detergent to the water, gently stir with the wand until the mixture appears to be well blended.

Now that you have made your bubbles, all that is left is to surprise the kids with it. Watch their faces light up as they are now free to blow (or spill, whichever the case may be) as many bubbles as their little hearts desire. A word of warning, now that they know you know the secret of how to make bubbles, you’ll find yourself whipping up a batch every time you turn around.

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