How to make your own body splash

How to make your own body splash

Among the most popular of after-bath delights, body splashes are both deliciously fragrant and good for the skin. It makes sense then that women gladly spend thousands of dollars every year on these pampering sprays. From the local supermarket to the fanciest skincare salon, virtually every manufacturer offers its own unique twist on this product.

Surprisingly, body splash can be made from a few simple ingredients at home for a fraction of the cost of store brands. For the creative woman who likes to save money, this homemade body splash recipe is definitely worth trying.

Why Use Body Splash?

Obviously, the greatest appeal of a body splash is its fragrance. No matter what your tastes, you can create a spray that is perfect for you. Splashes are meant to be applied to the entire body after bathing and provide a subtle hint of scent. For those of us who cannot tolerate either strong perfumes or their price, body splash is an appealing alternative.

There is also a small amount of alcohol in body splash, which helps to preserve the fragrance and has a mildly astringent effect on the skin. Thus, a body wash provides mild toning without drying out the skin. For the person whose skin is prone to dehydration, there are also alcohol-free recipe alterations.


As mentioned earlier, alcohol is a common ingredient in body splash for both its fixative (scent retaining) and toning properties. If you have no objections to this ingredient, I suggest using pure vodka. Any quality of this liquor will work well, so do not let price deter you. Also, you should not use rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, as its fumes can cause dizziness and nausea.

Keep in mind that all alcohols are flammable, so keep your finished mixture away from heat and open flames. This ingredient, along with distilled water, comprises the majority of the basic body spray recipe. For those with sensitive skin, witch hazel can be used in place of vodka.

Now we can move on to the most important body splash ingredient: fragrance. For simplicity’s sake, I recommend that beginners use prefabricated fragrance oil to scent their creations. Not only are they affordable since a little goes a long way, but they also come in every variety imaginable. Whether you love the smell of Bath and Body Works products, Yankee candles, designer perfumes, or baked goods, you can find the perfect fragrance oil.

When shopping, check-in local hobby shops, or on the internet using the keywords “cosmetic fragrance oils.” Only buy products labeled as safe for use in cosmetics. Also, check labeling information to see if the oil is alcohol-soluble. Such scents are better suited to body splash use.

Herbal Scenting

A great alternative to synthetic fragrance is essential oils scenting. This type of perfume gives the added benefit of being completely natural. You can blend these herbal extracts to suit your scent preferences (i.e. rose and jasmine for a floral scent or vanilla and ylang-ylang for an exotic scent). On the other hand, you can give your body splash aroma-therapeutic power with the right blend.

I suggest orange and ginger oils for an energizing scent, rose, sandalwood, and pine for a relaxing scent, myrrh, and ylang-ylang for a romantic scent. You can buy individual essential oils from health food stores or over the internet. Be sure only to purchase oils in dark glass bottles since sunlight breaks down their fragrance. You may also be able to purchase aromatherapy blends.


In a glass jar, combine one-half cup of vodka or witch hazel and one cup of distilled water. To this, add no more than six drops of fragrance or essential oil. Cover the container and shake well for thirty seconds to distribute the oil completely. Finally, attach a spray nozzle and your personalized label to the jar.

How to Use

After bathing, spray yourself liberally with your homemade body splash. You do not need to rub it in since the alcohol will help excess moisture evaporate within a minute or two.

Once you are dry, moisturize as usual and dress. You may wish to reapply the spray every few hours since the scent is not as long-lived as a perfume. Spray it on wet or dry hair to give it a delicate fragrance throughout the day.

Body splash is just one of the many pampering products you can make for mere pennies at home. You can use this simple recipe to make gifts for everyone, male or female, simply by experimenting with different scents.

You can even create a different spray scent for yourself to use every day of the week. With so many options and so little cost, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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