How to make your own beach dress

How to make your own beach dress

Beach dresses are a stylish way to go from beach to surfside-activity in just a few minutes.

The casual atmosphere of the beach allows for a windswept and tropical look. You can create this look for yourself, following a few simple steps.

Making your own beach dress or cover-up is an easy thing to do and requires little or no sewing. It’s also a cost-effective way to be fashionable as well as comfortable. Creating your dress to your own personal style is an easy way to blend in with the locals, but is also fashionable.

The type of fabric you will want to select should be a thin, lightweight fabric that is somewhat flimsy. It should be somewhat sheer and gauze-y.

Start with a piece of fabric 36-48 inches wide and about 72-inches long. It should not be a stiff fabric or something that requires ironing. The last thing you will want to worry about on the beach is whether or not your dress will wrinkle.

Hold the fabric, long-ways, behind you, like you would with a bath towel. Pull it around you so it’s fitting around the back. You should have plenty of slack or extra material in the front. From this point, you have a few different styles to choose from. You can tie it in the center, and then knot it. You can also wrap it around you and tuck it in on the side. This makes a great look for strolling on the beach, grabbing a drink from the surfside bar, or sitting by the bonfire at night.

If you want to keep your tan consistent while you are walking around, tie it around your waist for a skirt, for a sarong effect. Pair it with a t-shirt of lightweight summer tank top for full coverage. Or for a night stroll in a cool atmosphere, this will keep you a little warmer.

Selecting the perfect pattern or complementary color is important. You definitely will not want anything dull. Pick a black, white, or any bright color for the best effect. A solid color or bright, tropical, floral pattern is the best bet for this look.

Picking such a lightweight fabric will help you stay cool on the beach and under the sun. The sheerness of the fabric is also great if you want to cover up while you are on the beach if you are sunning yourself and want to cover your face, etc. It also would make a soft pillow for you to put your head-on.

In addition, if you get chilly, it can become a wrap around your shoulders. Wearing it with a pair of flip-flops is a simple way to go from lounging on the beach to dining at dinner. The laidback-feeling of the beach lets you wear a more casual dress wherever you go, whether it be sightseeing, or shopping or just taking a stroll along the beach.

Making your own beach dress is simpler than it seems. With different patterns and colors, your options are endless.

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