How to make your own baby wash mitt gift

How to make your own baby wash mitt gift

Once you reach a certain age, your friends and relatives start to settle down. For many people this means they get married. For many others, it also means they start a family of their own. If you know someone who is expecting their first child, at some point you will probably get an invitation to a baby shower. Or you may simply get invited after the birth to see and coo over the newborn baby.

When you get invited common courtesy dictates that you should bring a gift for the infant. Many stores carry very nice baby gifts that almost any new mother would love to receive. But an even nicer gift you can give is one you made yourself. A helpful present for any newborn is a baby wash mitt. Between spit-ups and diaper changes, small babies get dirty quite frequently. Most parents give their child a bath at least twice a week. A nicely designed wash mitt will not only help keep the baby clean but can also make bath time fun for the baby.

Making a wash mitt by yourself is actually surprisingly easy. This is true even if you don’t have any sewing skills. You can always use glue instead. You can make your gift even nicer by making it part of a gift basket. In addition to the wash mitt, you might want to purchase some pretty soaps, a few bath toys, some baby shampoo, and perhaps a few clothing items like socks or tiny baby shoes. Double-check that the items you purchase are designed not to irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn baby. Buy a basket and line it in tissue paper in pastel colors. You could also line the basket in a receiving blanket.

The actually wash mitt is very simple to make. Purchase a small quantity of terry cloth and some material to craft the details of the mitt. Decide what shape you’d like the mitt to be. Animal shapes such as a duck or a rabbit are easy to work with. You could also choose a simple mitten pattern.

After you’ve decided on the basic shape chose material to add detail. Felt, ribbon, and pom-poms work nicely. The detailed materials should be in a contrasting color. Ask the store if the contrasting materials are okay to use when wet. After you’ve decided on the shape, start cutting it out. Then fit the pieces together using glue or sewing the edges shut. Add detail with ribbon or felt. For a personal touch, ask the store if they can embroider the child’s name on the mitt or do this yourself at home. You can also write the child’s name on the mitt using waterproof magic markers.

Very pleasing shape for a washcloth is a bunny rabbit. The rabbit’s head should be white while the body and ears can be either pink or blue. Make the head of the rabbit with a ball of cotton covered in terry cloth. Add in the bunny’s face by sewing it or using magic markers. The bunny should have eyes, a nose, and whiskers. Make the ears with an additional cloth.

Glue or sew them on to the head. Cut out the body of the mitt in a rough mitten shape and attach it to the head with glue. You can also sew it on. Place the mitt and the rest of the items in the gift basket. Add some decorative ribbon on the top. Now you have a lovely gift that mommy can use as a keepsake long after her baby is grown.

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