How to make your own baby swing

How to make your own baby swing

Few things are as relaxing to a baby as a swing. A swing can be a source of entertainment and relaxation for your baby.

Making your own baby swing can be as expensive or as economical as your needs require. The plans can be as simple as hanging a swing from an interior doorway to as elaborate as building an outside jungle gym. This article will review a very simple hanging swing that could be used inside or outside. It also may be moved from room to room as your needs require.

If space is limited, a swing hung from a doorway frame or a ceiling support beam might be the best choice. The list of supplies needed is short and fairly inexpensive.

2 two inch eyes (At least 2 eyes. More may be required depending on your needs.)

2 two inch ‘S’ hooks

8 feet heavy duty three-eighths inch nylon rope

Safety seat- size and age appropriate for your child.

Cut the rope into two four-foot lengths and secure one end tightly to the two-inch ‘S’ hook. Secure the other end of the rope to the seat. Screw the eyes securely into the support beam of the ceiling. Make sure you are in the support beam to lessen the chance of the screws pulling out and causing injury to the child. Be sure to leave enough room between the wall and the swing to keep baby from hitting the wall. Insert the ‘S’ hooks into the eyes and check that the swing hangs level. Using these simple forms of hanging the swing will make it easier to put it away while the swing is not being used.

On choosing the seat for your new baby swing, take into account the age and size of the child. For a smaller baby, look for softer padding and support. For an older child, look for safety straps that could be opened quickly and easily. Make sure there are no sharp edges or any protrusions that could cause harm to the child. Check to see that any moving parts of the seat are covered to prevent baby from being pinched.

This simple baby swing could pull double duty as an outside swing, as well. Secure additional two-inch eyes into a sturdy tree limb or porch roof beam. Again, be sure whatever you secure the two-inch eyes to will be sturdy enough to support the weight of the swing and the child.

In choosing the materials and location for your baby’s new swing, the most important thing to consider is safety. Choose sturdy nylon rope at least three-eighths inch in diameter. Rope will eliminate the chance of baby’s fingers being caught or pinched should you use chain. Galvanized hooks and eyes will protect against rusting should the swing be used outside. Padded, one-piece molded seats will protect baby from hard sides and edges and proper safety straps will ensure baby doesn’t fall out or slip down in the seat. Choosing the proper safety equipment will ensure many happy memories in the years to come for you and your baby.

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