How to make your own aprons

How to make your own aprons

So the barbecue with the neighbors is this Saturday

– plenty of time to make an apron for the big day. Choose your fabric – something that won’t shrink or has been pre-washed. Decide on the type of apron you want. A woman might want a ruffled number that ties around the waist or maybe one with an extended bib. A man might prefer a straight apron with or without the bib. When you have the design in mind, get a tape measure, and get started.

Fold cloth with right sides together and measure from side to side at the waist. Mark half of this measurement, minus 4″, at the top of the fabric. Measure to about 6″ above the knee. Mark this measurement on the fabric. Cut the apron piece across the waist measurement and stop. Now go to the length measurement and start out cutting straight across, then begin an arc up to the waistline. For the waist tie, measure completely around the waist and add 24″. Cut the tie 6″ wide, and cut it to come to a point on each end. Take an approximate measure of the apron, from the side, around the bottom and back up to the opposite side. Double this measurement and cut a 4″ strip that length, for the ruffle.

Hem the ruffle then begin sewing it onto the apron from one side to the other. Start by putting no ruffle in for the first few inches, then begin putting in the ruffles by folding over a half inch, sewing a couple of inches, then folding over the opposite direction. Sew a few more inches, fold the ruffle over a half inch, go on for a couple of inches, then fold in the opposite direction, a half inch. Continue this until you have reached the other side, but stop the last ruffle, a couple of inches from the end. Trim off any excess ruffle. You can also make the ruffles first, and then sew them onto the apron.

Hem both sides of the waist tie, tapering off to a point on each end. Now fold the tie in half, lengthways, and position it over the top of the waist of the apron, leaving equal amounts on each side for tying. Pin into place. Start at one end of the tie and sew the two sides together, near the edge. Sew across the apron and back to the tie end. You can cut pockets, if you want, to sew to the front.

To add a bib to the apron, measure from front waist, above the pelvis, to just above the breast area, across and back down. If you want a ruffle on the bib, remove 2″ from the width of the bib and lessen the length by two inches as well. Measure from the corner of the bib, around the back of the neck, to the opposite corner. Add 2″ to the measurement. Cut the strip of fabric 3″ wide. Fold the strip in half, lengthways, and stitch it to each corner of the bib. Sew the ruffles onto the bib in the manner that you sewed them to the apron, beginning at the waist, going up one side, across the top and back down to the waist, remembering to omit the ruffle at the beginning and at the very end. Now align the bib with the apron waist and stitch.

Another apron that is simple to make is a one-piece apron that is squared and ties at the waist. You will make it similar to the ruffled apron, but instead of arcing the fabric, cut it straight across, then straight up. Hem the apron on both sides and across the bottom. Make the tie as you did for the ruffled apron, align it with the apron and stitch from one end of the tie, across the apron, to the other end of the tie.

You can add a square bib to the apron if desired by following the bib instructions – minus the ruffle.

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