How to make your own aftershave

How to make your own aftershave

Shaving is an unpleasant but unavoidable part of almost every man’s life unless of course, he prefers to emulate a member of ZZ Top. White guys can’t escape the razor, they can add some spice to the daily routine by using an aftershave. Almost every cologne company in existence sells its own unique aftershave blend, but you can surprise the man in your life by making him a distinctively fragranced product for a fraction of the price from the comfort of your kitchen. He is sure to love your creative gift, both for its scent and skin-pampering power.

What Aftershave Does

Millions of men use aftershave religiously, but those who don’t seem to have good excuses why. After all, its alcohol content can cause stinging, especially if the poor guy happens to nick himself while shaving. Others seem to think it is a needless expense since they can just wear cologne if they want to smell good all day.

If your husband or significant other falls into the skeptical group, give him these points to consider. When a man shaves, he generally uses warm water to soften his facial hair beforehand. This heat causes the pores to open. If left this way, they are prone to the intrusion of dirt and oil, which can cause breakouts. Also, any cuts that occur during shaving can become infected unless they are sterilized.

When aftershave is applied, it causes the pores to shrink back to normal size. Not only is this important for healthy skin, but it also looks better because the pores are less visible. When the right ingredients are added to an aftershave, it can clean and seal cuts, soothe the beard area, and replenish moisture that heat and shaving remove. In short, using aftershave is the final step of good male grooming. If, after all these arguments, your guy still has his doubts, you can win him over with the subtle masculine fragrance of your creation.


In order to make a true aftershave, it is necessary to include ingredients with astringent power. Alcohol (dark rum, not rubbing alcohol) is great to use in this capacity and adds a special scent to the blend. Since it can sting when used alone, you will need to cut it with another astringent.

Witch hazel is an inexpensive and easily found option, so I would highly recommend it. The combination of these two items will make a basic aftershave, to which you can add extra ingredients to create a soothing and aromatic blend.

To replenish moisture and give the face a smooth feel, you can add glycerine to your recipe. This ingredient is available both in the baking aisle of grocery stores and at craft shops. Aluminum sulfate, commonly known as alum, is perfect in aftershaves because it tones the skin and staunches bleeding from accidental cuts. Look for alum at your local drug store.

For fragrance, the easiest route is to add common spices to your recipe. Allspice, sage, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, and ginger all produce a wonderful masculine scent. In order to come up with a blend, your man will enjoy, simply mix together your favorites until you achieve the desired aroma.

Alternatively, you can purchase copies of designer scents from craft shops. These oils, though pricey, smell wonderful and are potent enough to last for a long time. Just be sure to buy cosmetic grade scents if you choose this option.


Having gathered your ingredients, you can begin making your aftershave. Combine one-half cup of rum and one-quarter cup of witch hazel in a clean glass bowl. To this, add a tablespoon of glycerine and a pinch of alum. Blend the mixture until the powder has dissolved completely. If you are scenting your aftershave with spices, add them now.

One and one-half to two teaspoons of this ingredient should be sufficient for a recipe this size, although your tastes should be the judge. You will need to transfer the blend to a container with a lid for ten days so that it can absorb the fragrance of the herbs.

Afterward, use a coffee filter or fine strainer to remove any solids and rebottle your aftershave. If you use fragrance oils, simply add five to six drops (more or less depending on your preferences), stir, and bottle the mixture. Now your homemade aftershave is ready to use.

How to Use It

If the man in your life has never used aftershave or if you would like to make a label for your creation, these usage instructions will come in handy. After shaving, pour a small amount of aftershave (approximately one teaspoon) into the palms and apply it to the beard area.

The scent should remain on the skin for approximately three hours depending on how strong it is. If the recipe is too strong, it can be diluted by adding one-quarter cup of water for sensitive skin types. Use the aftershave daily after shaving for healthier skin.

By using your creativity and following your nose, you can make a unique and beneficial gift that any man is sure to love. This recipe is the perfect present for fathers, nephews, and husbands, all of whom can appreciate the benefits it offers.

Try storing it in exotic glass jars and affixing your own labels to add a personal touch. No matter who you give your handmade aftershaves to, you will get great reactions and save money.

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