How to make your lips sexier

How to make your lips sexier for guys

There are plenty of measures a person can take to ensure a sexy set of lips no matter what their age, but there are also a few age-specific tricks to keeping your pout pretty. Let’s start with the tips that everyone can, and should, use.

1) Exfoliate your lips. Smooth lips are sexy lips, after all, who is tempted to kiss a dry, flaky, scratchy mouth? Regular exfoliation also helps lipstick and lip gloss glide over your lips evenly. TO exfoliate your lips you can use a toothbrush and gently rub the bristles over your top then bottom lip, spending several seconds brushing on each.

If you don’t have a spare toothbrush to designate to lips exfoliation, use a washcloth instead. Wet the cloth and gently rub it over your lips in a similar way as you would if you were using a toothbrush. You don’t need to use products such as soap, facial exfoliant, or toothpaste as you exfoliate; warm water will work just fine.

2) After you exfoliate and the water on your lips dries, apply conditioning lip balm to them. It is also a good idea to g to sleep with a thick coat of balm freshly applied to your lips so that you are conditioned while you sleep. When your lipstick wears off mid-morning, instead of reapplying a matte lipstick, switch over to a conditioning lip tint, or these days you can even find a moisturizing lipstick that is more matte than a lip gloss but provides the same amount of conditioning.

The conditioner helps your lips hold in more moisture while the mattes tend to be drying. Alternate the use of lip colors that do nothing to condition your lips with those that do. Look for lip conditioning products that contain natural ingredients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

3) Protect your lips from the sun. Any lipstick you wear should have either include sunscreen in its ingredients or should be worn over a product that does contain sunscreen. Protecting your lips from the sun helps prevent aging and wrinkling. Most lips are extremely susceptible to sun damage because they don’t contain as much melanin as other parts of your skin, so don’t forget this important step.

Now we come to the age-specific lip-care. Your lips age right along with the rest of your skin so people in their 40s need a different strategy for giving the appearance of sexy lips than do people in their 20s.

20s lip-care:

If you follow the steps above, there is really no more you need to do. You are young enough to experiment with a wide spectrum of shades and shimmers and still look age-appropriate. Because your lips still have lots of natural definition when you are twenty-something, you can even get away with wearing only a lip gloss.

30s lip-care

When you neared your thirties you may have begun to notice the appearance of fine lines on your face, including around your lips. At the first signs of aging, it is time to start topically applying a Retinol cream. Collagen and cosmetic surgery are not necessary unless you tried Retinol and it didn’t work. You may also start to lose definition in your lips. When that happens, it is time to start using a lip liner. Skip the lip gloss and instead go for a slight shimmer lipstick.

40s lip-care

You may notice at this stage that your lips look a little paler than they used to. Your lips will start losing color and a light lip tint will no longer do the trick. Add in a bit of color by using creamy lipsticks instead of sheer ones, in slightly darker-than-natural shades, but please don’t go too dark. Doing so won’t enhance anything, and it will actually look very unflattering.

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