How to make your clothes last longer

How to make your clothes last longer

Clothes are expensive and it really gets you angry when your favorite shirt or pair of pants gets ruined. How long do your clothes last? You can make them last longer if you care for them properly and there are some great ways to make sure you’ll have that favorite dress for a very long time.

When you do your wash, do you throw everything in the dryer? Even if you only tumble dry your clothes on a low heat setting, dryers strip away at your clothes over time, do you see that lint in the lint trap? That used to be part of your shirt! Drying clothes also causes them to shrink a little bit each time and all of those clothes that don’t fit anymore aren’t necessarily that way because of that extra piece of pie you ate at Thanksgiving. To make your clothes last longer, hang them out to air dry. This is especially good for jeans and sweaters though you can still throw things like towels, sheets, socks, and t-shirts in the dryer.

Dry clean only clothes should be dry cleaned only. Sometimes we try to sneak a skirt or top into the wash thinking it won’t do any harm when it often does. Materials like wool should never be washed, it can be the death of them. Take your clothes to a dry cleaner and make sure it is a good dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning also removes dust mite allergens from your clothes. When you bring your dry cleaning home, don’t forget to remove the plastic which can cause moisture to build up inside. If your clothing gets stained, don’t forget to tell the dry cleaner what kind of stain it is, this can help them decide how to treat it.

Get a needle and thread and learn to sew. Sometimes when you lose a button, the shirt goes in the bottom of a drawer until you throw it out a few years later. It only takes a couple of minutes to sew a button back on and you can use that shirt for a few more years. Also, small rips in clothing can be stitched up very quickly to get some more life out of them rather than throwing them in the Amvets bin.

Keep your clothes hanging loosely in the closet and don’t jam them up against each other. Heavy sweaters should never be hung on hangers that are not padded as this can put stretch marks on them from the hanger which will never come out.

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