How to Make Wine Charms with beads

How to Make Wine Charms with beads

Ever seen those little decorative rings around the stems of wine glasses? Not only do they help tell whose glass is whose, but they’re fun and easy to make!

What do you need to make them? Well, simplest would be some seed beads and some wire. The wire can be just about any kind, including common silver or gold toned wire, and colored wire. You can also often find memory wire in the stores that’s specifically for making wine charms, as well as pre-made rings, so all you need to do is add beads.

There are two general ways in which to create the charms. The first and more popular way is to have a wire ring with a few larger beads and/or charms on it. Another is to string beads onto the wire and have the beaded ‘snake’ wrap around the stem. To make either one, you also will need round nose pliers and wire cutters.

To make a ring charm, either buy rings already prepared, or make your own from wire. You’ll need a central bead/charm, then two sets of other beads to put next to them. Be creative in choosing, and feel free to vary from the suggested number of sets.

  1. If you don’t have ready-made rings, take some wire and find something to wrap it around. This should be larger than you want the rings to be so that you have roughly half an inch extra. Wrap the wire around, and then cut the desired number of rings. Take one side of the ring and create a loop with your round nose pliers. Use the pliers to bend the other end so that it will hook into the loop.
  2. Take your beads and string them on to the wire, with the charm/large bead in the center.
  3. Place charm around wine stem, hook the bent end into the loop, and it’s done!

To make a charm that wraps around the wine glass stem, you’ll need a piece of wire a bit longer than you want, many seed beads, perhaps a few larger beads, a head pin (not needed if you will use a charm), and either a large bead or charm.

  1. To determine the amount of wire you want, make sure it’s enough to wrap around the wine stem several times. A good way to make a guess is to use roughly twice the length of the stem, maybe three if it’s a shorter stem.
  2. First, create the dangle (skip this step if using a charm instead of a bead). Take your largest bead and slide it on to the headpin. You may need to put a seed bead or use an eye pin instead if the bead slips off. Take another slightly smaller bead and slide on, maybe slide on a seed bead. Take the wire cutters and cut off the excess from the headpin. You should have about half an inch or so. Take the pliers and create a loop with the remaining wire.
  3. Take your length of wire and create another loop, this one going through either the loop you just made or the loop in your charm. Make sure they will stay connected.
  4. Next, string beads onto the wire, mostly seed beads, perhaps with a few larger near each end.
  5. Once you are near the end of the wire, create another ending loop, snug to the beads, to keep the beads from moving and falling off.
  6. Wrap around wine glass stem.

Remember to use different colors and/or different kinds of beads for each wine charm. Or you can make them identical other than color and/or end charms. Experiment and have fun!


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