How to make window shades

How to make window shades

Choose light weight fabrics for your shades, and light colors, unless you want a dark room for which to sleep in or if you have outside lighting at night that keeps you awake.

You will be using 2 inches for the side hems and 1 inch hems for the top and bottom.

Balloon Shades

Allowing twice the amount of material across the shade, cut heading tape to width of finished shade plus 1/2 inch for turning under. Decide how many vertical tapes you will need, put one at each outer edge and one at each seamline. Place the remaining tapes evenly, about 14 inches apart.

Roller Shades

Purchase a roller kit that fits your window. Attach the material twice the length of the window to the slat, using 3 inch turned up hems on all sides. Then attach the cord holder to the roller, following manufacturer’s directions.

Roman Shades
Take the material you have just purchased and sew hems on all sides using 4-inch hems. Now take special Roman shade rings that you can purchase at a home improvement center and sew them on the material, straight on the back on the shade. Use cord to string the shade up in a ruffled position.

Austrian Shades
Use 4 inch hems on all sides, using vertical tape placed in vertical lines across the material. Use shade rings. Calculate on all these shades the amount of cord you will need before purchasing.

You can add a ruffle by cutting strips of fabric,
sewing in half, right side together and turning back over when completed. Baste the ruffle with big stitches and pull gently on the thread, allowing the material to gather. Add the ruffle to the back of the wrong side of the shade, making sure the printed side of the ruffle is facing the printed side of the shade.

Sew the ruffle on.

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