How to make victorian hats for a tea party

How to make victorian hats for a tea party

Making a Victorian hat for a tea party is easy and fun! First, you’ll need a hat to decorate. Straw hats are classically Victorian, but you can also use plain felt hats or any other hat that has a crown and a brim. Search local thrift, vintage, and costume shops to find a hat that you like. If you’re hosting a party and want to include hat decorating as an activity, then you’ll either need to instruct your guests to bring their own hat or you’ll need to pick up enough hats for everyone.

Next, you’ll need the following supplies, which you can find at your local craft and hobby store:

-A hot glue gun and glue sticks OR a quick-drying craft glue
-Fake flowers
-One miniature fake bird
-One yard of medium or wide ribbon
-Two yards of tulle (cut into separate one-yard pieces)

Please note that children should not use hot glue guns unsupervised, and small children should probably not use a hot glue gun at all. If you are purchasing supplies for children, quick-drying craft glue might be the better choice.

Make sure when purchasing your supplies that you keep color schemes and overall design in mind. If you’re purchasing supplies for a party activity, you might want to just choose one color scheme, or you can provide an assortment of tulle, ribbons, flowers, and other decorations for your guests to choose from.

First, cut the two yards of tulle in half so that you have two one-yard pieces. Place the hat upside down in the center of one of the pieces of tulle, then flip the hat and the fabric over. Gather the tulle so that it fluffs over the crown of the hat and glue where the brim meets the crown. The tulle will hang over the sides, front, and back of the hat. Now tuck the tulle under the hat, allowing it to puff all along the brim of the hat. Glue the tulle in place under the hat.

From the extra yard of tulle, cut a veil of whatever length you desire. Attach this to the brim of the hat so that it stays flat on the brim and drapes down over the front of the hat. You should have a tulle leftover, so if you wish, use the extra to fill out the back of the hat. Cut into smaller pieces and gather, gluing the bunched part of each section to the base of the crown and allowing each section to drape over the back of the hat.

Next, wrap the ribbon around the base of the crown of the hat. Make sure to wrap tightly so that there are no bumps or wrinkles. Cut off any extra and glue in place. Use the extra ribbon to tie a bow and glue to the back of the hat, where the two ends of the ribbon meet. Allow the ends of the bow to hang down over the back of the hat.

Typically, a Victorian hat has a cluster of flowers and other decorations to one side of the front of the hat, but it’s your hat, so feel free to decorate in whatever manner you wish. Glue the flowers down one at a time. Then, as a final touch, add a miniature bird, or even some tiny fake cherries or other small plastic decorations. Now all you need are gloves and a parasol, and you’re ready for a proper Victorian tea party!


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