How to make tussie mussies

How to make tussie mussies

Tuzzie Muzzies are posies of fresh, or dried, flowers that make delightful gifts.

Collect flowers (dried or fresh) and herbs (dried or fresh) of your choice with reasonably long stems.

Ideas for flowers are roses, lavender and daisies. Herbs can range from rosemary to mints.

Prepare the flowers and herbs in a small bunch and wire them securely with florists’ wire.

Prepare a dish with about 3 tablespoons of orris powder and 1 tablespoon of cinammon powder.

Gently roll the bouquet of flowers in the orris powder mixture.

Use whole pieces of cinnamon (about 5 pieces will do) and wire them firmly among the flowers.

You may add whole pieces of vanilla bean (cut into short strips of about 3 inches long) and wire them to the bouquet of flowers.

Wire the stems of the flowers together. Cut a small hole in the center of a lace doily (or a frilly paper doily) and push the stems through the center.

Tighten the center of the doily with wire to the top of the stems. Cover this with long flowing ribbons (satin or florists’ ribbon) and cover the stems (cut off most of the stems, leaving only about a 5 -6-inch length) with the ribbons.

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