How to make toilet paper holder at home

How to make toilet paper holder at home

Many people store extra bathroom tissue in the cabinet of the bathroom but often it’s out of reach when needed. What’s one of the most unique ways of storing extra bathroom tissue? Make a standing bathroom tissue holder. Since there are so many different ways to make one it will be uniquely your own creation. You’ll basically need a round or square shape of thick wood and a dowel. Craft and department stores carry all different sizes and shapes of wood from which to choose.

Use a keyhole saw on your drill to place a hole in the center of the wood. Nail, screw, or glue the dowel into the hole. The dowel should be about one to two inches in diameter and approximately twenty to twenty-five inches in length. Of course, the project can be as tall or as short as you’d like so measure five inches for each roll you want to store.

For instance, if you want to store four rolls make the dowel twenty inches high. After the dowel is set on the base and any glue is well dried you can place the bath tissue on it and stand it in a corner. Screw a decorative handle on the top if you want. The handle can be unscrewed for placement of the tissue. If you want to conceal the bathroom tissue there are various ways.

Build an enclosure from four pieces of wood. Four shutters work great because they can be purchased to the exact size you need. The shutters should be fairly narrow and a couple of inches taller than the dowel. When making a square enclosure uses a square wooden base rather than another shape. Nail the four shutters together at the corners. Slide the set of shutters over the top of the dowel and attach it with nails or glue to the base.

Now slide the rolls of bathroom tissue onto the dowel and inside the shutters. Use a square piece of wood or even a cutting board for a top. The board should be somewhat larger in size than the base. Simply lay the cutting board on top and set a plant. If you want you can glue the lightweight planter to the top of the cutting board for easier removal. Now you have spare tissue handy without it standing out like a sore thumb. Just lift the cutting board with the plant and get out a spare roll.

You can make a similar enclosure which is round by using thick cardboard or even poster board. Shape it around the tissue holder and tape it together from the inside so it won’t be noticeable. Now glue fabric on it or shelf paper. Use a thin flat piece of wood that has been painted or decorated for the top of the tissue holder.

Cardboard boxes, when long and narrow, can sometimes make the perfect bathroom tissue enclosure. Just paint them, glue on cloth or decorate with wallpaper. Use a thick piece of cardboard for the top to the holder.

Cardboard boxes

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