How to make tissue paper roll pilgrims

How to make tissue paper roll pilgrims

Kids and adults can have fun making unique tissue paper roll pilgrims celebrate Thanksgiving. They can be personalized and used as place settings, napkin rings, or as cute Thanksgiving Day decorations.

To make a tissue paper roll pilgrim you will need an empty tissue paper roll, black, white, gold, and gray construction paper, scissors, black, tan, and pink acrylic craft paint, a small paintbrush, a pencil, and glue.

Begin this project by painting the head and face of the pilgrim. Paint the top third of the tissue paper roll using tan acrylic paint. Allow the tan paint to dry, and paint on rosy pink cheeks and a nose. Using black acrylic paint, create eyes and a big smile. Allow the paint to dry completely before continuing.

Make an outfit for a male pilgrim by cutting out a strip of black paper that will cover two-thirds of the tissue paper roll. Glue the black paper just below the painted head. Make a collar for the outfit by cutting a strip of white paper that will line the top of the black shirt. Draw and cut out two half ovals and a straight and narrow strip of white paper approximately one-half inch in length. The white stripe should be glued to the center top of the black shirt, and the half ovals should be glued on either side of the strip. Consult a picture of a pilgrim if necessary. Use black acrylic paint to create buttons on the paper strip on the center of the collar. Allow the paint enough time to dry.

While the paint is drying, you can make a wig for the pilgrim. Cut a half-inch wide strip of gold paper that is long enough to wrap around the top of the tissue paper roll. Cut out bangs for the pilgrim, and add dimension to the hair by cutting narrow strips along the sides and back of the wig. Only cut strips in the bottom third of the wig so it stays intact. Curl the hair by wrapping it around the end of a pencil and holding it in place for a few seconds. Wrap the finished wig around the head, and glue it securely to the tissue paper roll.

Make a hat for the pilgrim by drawing and cutting out a circle from a sheet of black construction paper. Use a small cup of appropriate size as a stencil if necessary. Center and glue the brim of the hat to the top of the head. Make the sides of the hat by cutting out an inch wide strip of paper approximately the same length as the diameter of the tissue paper roll. Attach the ends of the paper strip, and glue it to the brim of the hat. Trace the bottom of the tissue paper roll on black construction paper to make the top of the hat, and glue it on. Finish the hat by making a hat band using a narrow strip of gray construction paper. Make a buckle for the hat by cutting out the center of a small square of gold construction paper. Glue on the hatband and the decorative buckle. Set the project aside to dry before using it.

You can easily make a female pilgrim by adding a scalloped skirt to the bottom of the black outfit used for the male pilgrim. Make the hair in the same manner, but make it longer than you would for the male pilgrim. Create a hat for a female by cutting out a triangle of appropriate size from a sheet of white construction paper. Glue together the edges of two sides of the triangle, and after the glue dries, fold up the brim of the hat. Glue the hat securely to the top of the head.

Write names of guests on the clothing of the pilgrims for unique personalized place settings. You could also leave the top of the hat open, roll up paper or fabric napkins, and slip them inside the tissue paper rolls to create one-of-a-kind napkin rings. However you decide to use these tissue paper roll pilgrims, they are sure to capture lots of attention at your next Thanksgiving Day celebration.

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