How to make thumbprint spider party favor bags

How to make thumbprint spider party favor bags

Children love to have their friends over for Halloween parties. They get to see dozens of fun costumes, eat candy, listen to the Monster Mash over and over again on the stereo, and just have a good time. But when parents have to play host to such a party, they have a lot more on their minds than just having a good time.

Parents have to worry about food, decorations, cleaning up before and after the party and of course, party favors. Party favors can be a hassle for parents in more than one way. They are an extra expense for sure, but cheap plastic spider rings and a couple of bags of candy could suffice for the family working on a budget. But how will you present them? You want to impress the parents with your creativity but you just don’t have the time to go all out this year. Relax! Let your kids make the party bags this year. Put the kids to work on this super fun craft project and put the favors off of your mind!


Brown or white small paper bags, 1 per guest
Black ink stamp pad
Black pen or black fine tipped marker
Googly eyes or white and black construction paper and scissors.

How to: step by step instructions
1) Open up the black stamp ink pad and stamp down your thumb into the ink firmly. Roll your thumb from side to side slightly to make sure it is completely covered in ink.
2) Lift your thumb out of the ink and press it down very firmly onto the front and approximate center of the bag. Do not rock your finger back and forth, you don’t want to smudge. Press your thumb down firmly for two seconds and then lift it away without smudging. The thumbprint will act as the center part of your spider’s body.
3) With the black pen or black fine tipped marker draw on the spider’s eight legs. It might help if the kids have a picture of a spider right in front of them.
4) After the eight legs have been drawn on you it is time to glue on the spider eyes. If you are using googly eyes, simply glue them on with a tiny dot of glue. Hold them in place for several seconds to allow them time to dry. If you are using construction paper, cut out two white circles for each thumbprint spider, and then two smaller black circles to go inside the white circles. Glue the white circles on first, and glue the smaller black circles on top of the white ones.

The spiders are done and it only took four easy steps! Even the youngest of kids can do this project, although they may need help cutting small circles.

If your kids want to keep making spiders, they can stamp and draw spiders on both the front and back of the party bags.

To give the bags a splash of color, they could use red or orange construction paper in place of black to make the eyes different colors.
If you don’t have time before the party, set up a craft station as part of the party. The guests can make their own favor bags and have fun doing it!

To give the bags

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