How to make thumbprint reindeer ornaments

How to make thumbprint reindeer ornaments

Reindeer are fun Christmas time characters for kids because they seem magical. They fly, they live in the North Pole with Santa and one of them even has a light up red nose and his very own Christmas song. So if you are looking for an easy craft project to do with young children during the holiday season look no further. These reindeer Christmas ornaments are sure to be a hit with your little ones.


Stamp ink pad in brown

Red fine point sharpie
Black fine point sharpie
Poster board in white off white or another light color.
Hole punch

How to: step by step instructions

Cut the poster board into small circles; make them about the size of a fist. If you have a circular object to trace instead of drawing freehand you can do it that way.
Take the child’s thumb and press it into the brown ink pad.

Turn the thumb so that it is at a slight angle to the circle. Stamp the thumb firmly down onto the center of the poster board circle, keeping it at an angle. The thumb should not be going straight across the circle either vertically or horizontally. Then carefully lift it away to avoid smudging. This brown thumb print is the reindeer’s head.

Take the lid off of the black sharpie and dot one eye on the reindeer. This is a profile of the reindeer head so only one eye is needed.

Then at the tip of the head, dot a black nose. If you are making Rudolph, use the red sharpie to dot the nose. The nose should be made to look slightly bigger than the eye.
You should be able to see now how the reindeer head is coming together. The last thing your thumb print reindeer needs is a set of antlers. Even though this is a profile, the reindeer still needs two antlers, not just one. Use the pencil to draw little antlers on top of his head and then trace over them with the black sharpie.

On the poster board underneath the reindeer’s head write the name of the reindeer (Prancer, Vixen, etc). On the back write the child’s name and the year (December 04 or Christmas 04). If you have access to a laminating machine at this point you can laminate the circles and the thumbprint, name, and date will be saved and can be used for years and years. If you don’t have access to a laminator, just handle the ornaments carefully and they should last for a couple of years at least.

Punch a hole in the top of the circle and string some yarn through it. The yarn you use does not have to be a specific color but red and green would be festive and add a splash of color to the tree.

The ornament is ready to be tied onto the Christmas tree!

If you plan to make these ornaments again every year as a fun family craft project, don’t forget to show your child how much bigger their thumbprint keeps getting every year.

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