How to make the slip-resistant tub

How to make the slip-resistant tub

Bath salts, bubble bath, bar soap, and other additives make tub bottoms slippery and dangerous. Slippery tubs mean more chances of accidents. Most people have heard at least one story of someone who was injured simply trying to step out of the tub. In fact, hundreds of people, not just kids and the elderly are injured yearly from bathtub falls. You can make your tub safer by making your own non-slip tub mat.

Rubberized shelf liner is perfect, or you can purchase strips of rubber matting at a home improvement store. The rubber doesn’t have to be thick since the rubber of almost any thickness will give a no-slip surface. The rubber can be cut into the general shape of the bottom of the tub, with no further hassle.

You don’t have to cut the mat to the shape of the tub bottom. You can cut a big fish, a giant shell, or a huge foot shape. Use paints for eyes, mouths, and other features. The mat should reach from one end of the tub bottom to the other without covering the drain. No matter how the mat is shaped it should cover the main central area of the tub bottom. If you prefer strips of rubber rather than a large mat align the strips so that they are no further apart than the width of the smallest foot in the house. As long as the foot is partially on the rubber you’re usually safe from slipping.

Rubberized shelf lining is inexpensive and is thin enough to be cut into shapes. Most small shapes require adhesives to keep them affixed to the tub. You can use adhesives that are easily removed should you want to change the designs. Hot glue will not work for this project since it dissolves in water.

Foam in sheets of colors is available at craft stores but unless you cut shapes and use adhesive, the foam is not ideal for the tub. The foam is so lightweight that it tends to float as water seeps underneath. It works great for cutting out shapes and attaching them, though. You can also buy this type of foam already cut into large shapes like seashells and dolphins. Simply glue the shapes onto the tub.

At some craft stores or home improvement stores you can find the actual rubberized materials used to make many different styles of non-slip tub mats. The rubber is usually cut from a roll so you can choose the size you want. Although the materials are a little expensive, you can make the mat in the color of your choice and in the size you need.

The mats can be cleaned with warm soapy water but avoid pouring bleach or other chemicals directly onto the rubber. Mats should be hung over the edge of the tub after using to prevent mildew build-up on the underside.

Another way of making a tub slip-proof is to paint shapes onto the bottom with dimensional paints. Dimension paints dry with a texture and feel similar to sandpaper. The paints won’t wash off with water but might need reapplied after months of usage. The paints should be dabbed on rather than painted on smoothly.

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