How to make sugar flowers for cakes

How to make sugar flowers for cakes

Sugared flowers keep longer than a fresh flower. Sugared flowers also look delicate and can be used for wedding cakes or other specialty cakes. If edible flowers are sugared they make for a tasty treat, too.

Pick any flower that has thin petals. Daffodils, daisies, cosmos, and other flowers with similar petals will work. Thick petaled flowers like lilies don’t work. Also, flowers that are bunched together like roses, dandelions, and carnations won’t work either. Buds of any flower will not sugar properly.

Clip the flower stems diagonally from the plant and place them immediately in water. These flowers should be picked in mid-afternoon after the dew has gone and they have opened up. Dust off any bugs you see before bringing them inside the house. Leave the flowers for about an hour just to make sure that all the bugs are gone.

Get a small paintbrush, a child’s plastic craft paintbrush will work fine. Put the white of one egg in a bowl and lightly beat. You will be using berry sugar for this. Berry sugar can be found in most supermarkets in the baking section. It is very fine sugar. Pour about a cup into a bowl and put off to the side with the egg white. Place a thin needle in a piece of styrofoam board. Cut the flower’s stem off right below the bulb, which is below the bloom. Place the flower on the needle. This will keep your hands free.

Dip the paintbrush into the eggwhite. Make sure there is not too much on the brush, you can always go back for more. Gently and evenly paint the top of each petal one by one with the eggwhite. Evenly sprinkle the berry sugar over the petals and shake off the excess. You should still be able to tell what color the flower is. You may find it easier to paint then sugar the petals one by one.

Take the needle out of the styrafoam board and turn upside down. Carefully place the flower on the board. Paint the bottom sides of the petals and then sprinkle the sugar over them. The flower petals will have gotten very loose and floppy by now. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen. Carefully remove the pin from the flower and turn right side up. Lay the bloom on a different board and leave it until it dries. When the flowers have dried they will be hard and crusty.

Take a small box and line the bottom with waxed paper. Genlty lay the sugared flowers on the waxed paper. Make sure that the flowers do not overlap. Place waxed paper between each layer. Lay the heavier, larger flowers at the bottom of the box and the smallest and lightest flowers at the top. Do not press down on the layers. Store the flowers in a dry place where they won’t get disturbed.

These flowers can be put on any cake. Just put a small dot of icing down and carefully place the sugared flower on top of it. You may press gently on the center of the flower to make it stick. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH FLOWERS ARE EDIBLE BEFORE EATING THEM!!!

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