How to Make Stamps Using Vegetables

How to Make Stamps Using Vegetables

Stamps are a popular craft item. They come in all sorts of shapes, patterns, and figures. What do you do though, if you would like to make an item with stamps that is unique from anything available? Use what nature has provided! Vegetables and leaves are perfect items to make into stamps.


This is a suitable craft for kids of all ages, but leave the cutting of the vegetables and heat setting with iron to the adults.


Acrylic or Fabric paint, assorted colors
Small paint brush
Jar of water for cleaning brush between colors
Paper toweling
Assorted cut vegetables; peppers, apples, cauliflower, carrots, acorn squash, just about any vegetable that will stay firm when sliced.
Leafs: besides tree leafs, plant, and flower leafs are great ideas for smaller projects.
Fabric or paper to be stamped
Iron to heat set if using fabric

Basic Instructions:

Lay out newspaper on work area. Once vegetables have been sliced, with brush, paint an even amount of paint on surface. Try not to glob the paint on, as it will keep the natural design and shape from coming through. If needed, wipe edge of vegetable with paper toweling to give an even edge to your stamp. Proceed to stamp on desired fabric or paper. Practicing on paper first will allow you to get a feel for amount of paint to be used. Experiment with different leafs and vegetables to see the wide range of patterns you can come up with.

Setting paint with heat:

If your project calls for fabric and you want to heat set the paint, this is easily accomplished. 100% Cotton works best for projects of this type. Pre-wash and dry fabric, stamp as desired. When paint is dry, lay fabric, painted side down, on paper toweling. With iron on a cotton setting, iron from backside. Your creation will last for many washes to come.


Stamping on paper, kids can make personalized stationary, place mats, wrapping paper, and even book covers. With smaller stamps, carrots, small green onions, a small piece of cauliflower, bookmarks are a fun and useful item.

With fabric, your choices are unlimited. Thinking along the lines of the pattern makers, kitchen items are a top choice. Potholders, aprons, and curtains come immediately to mind. Stamp enough fabric at a time and you will be able to sew a whole kitchen full of coordinated projects.

Sweatshirts are a great way to show off these unique stamps. Canvas tote bags are another pre-made item that works well. Whatever you decide to use these stampers for, you will surely have a one of a kind item and the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself!

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