How to make soap with embedded objects

How to make soap with embedded objects

Unique bath and beauty products have become increasingly popular in recent years, so it is no surprise that their prices have skyrocketed. While it was once enough for a bar of soap to be practical, now we want it to be beautiful as well. It is this beauty that makes a once simple bath bar cost so much.

Swirls of color, marbleized effects, and especially embedded objects give basic soaps visual appeal. For those of us who love our soaps to both works and look incredible, there is an alternative to paying the high prices of the cosmetic shops. Now, you can make your own embedded soaps instead.

Basic Ingredients and Supplies

You have probably seen embedded soaps before. They consist of a clear or semi-clear bar inside of which rest chunks of another color of soap, a bit of exfoliating loofah, or even a toy or soap-animal. Basically, every imbedded soap is made from a clear melt-and-pour soap base and some sort of embedded item.

What you put in your bar depends wholly on your tastes, but it needs to be a fraction of the side of the soap you are making and safe enough to come into contact with the skin. For instance, avoid abrasive or sharp embeds, as they could scratch users after the soap dissolves. Having said that, you can find your soap base at any larger craft store along with a variety of interesting molds.

Alternatively, you can use a department store soap as long as it is clear. This way, it will reveal whatever objects you embed once the bar is dry. As for molds, you need not purchase them. Instead, you can use an old plastic bowl, muffin tin, or milk carton. Anything that is slightly flexible and approximately the size of a bar of soap will work well.

Putting It All Together

Once you have your supplies prepared, begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the molds you intend to use. You may also wish to spray them with cooking spray to keep the bars from sticking. Now, place about two cups of grated clear soap in a Pyrex measuring cup. Submerge this in a pot that is about halfway full of water and set it on the stovetop. Heat the soap on low heat, stirring until it has melted entirely. Fill the mold about a quarter of the way full and allow it to sit until it a slight film form on the top.

Now you can place your embedded items on the semi-dry later. Be sure to spray the bar lightly with alcohol at this point to help hold the entire bar together. Finally, fill the mold the rest of the way with clear soap and allow the bar to dry. After an hour or two, it will be ready to come out of the mold. Let the bar set up for two or three more days before using it.

Unique Embedding Ideas

Since we have only briefly discussed embedding ideas, this section will now give some suggestions for you to try. Most begging crafters purchase pre-made soap chunks to put in their bars. They are usually squares of opaque soap guaranteed not to melt from the heat of the surrounding clear soap. Craft stores offer these as well as molds to make your own embeds.

Common styles include orange slices, stars, and animal shapes. On the other hand, you can make your own embeds at home. Simply melt clear soap, color it as desired, and pour it into a shallow baking tray. Once it has dried, you can use cookie cutters to make any shape you desire. For a scrubbing bar, try putting a slice of a luffa sponge in the center of your bar. Luffahs are available at grocery and craft stores for this purpose.

Embedding for Kids

Of course, embedded soaps have infinite appeal for small children. Whether you have your own child, nieces, or nephews, every young person will be delighted to have a personalized embedded soap of their own. You can fill a bar with animal soap chunks, rainbow-colored soap nuggets, or glittery stars. Another great idea is to put a small toy or trinket in a child’s soap. Little boys will be thrilled with a plastic frog or spider peeking out at them. Girls will love hearts, rings, and bracelets.

Better still, their parents will be overjoyed to see their children washing eagerly to reach the prizes inside. With a little creativity, you can find endless ways to customize soaps for the young people in your life. Just keep in mind that nothing dangerous should go into a soap. Neither should you include anything that will warp or otherwise be damaged from heat, as it will be exposed to high temperatures until the soap has completely dried.

In conclusion, you can add visual charm, cosmetic benefits, and even fun to any bar of soap simply by adding embedded items. Once you have begun, you will find endless enjoyment in trying new objects and experimenting with color and fragrance. Having saved your money instead of wasting it on commercial bars, you will have extra cash to spend on a hobby that is both practical and enjoyable for everyone in the family.

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