How to make soap with a mold

How to make soap with a mold

Soap molds are something every soap maker needs. They are fairly easy to make yourself and are much cheaper than buying ready-made molds. I will be discussing the wooden type molds for small batches of soap that are cut into individual bars.

If you make small batches of soap, as many home soap makers do, then you will need to have a mold to fit your size batch and the size bars you wish to make. Say for instance you are using recipes that produce four to five-pound batches of handmade soap. A bar of soap should easily fit into your hand, so the bar should be about four inches wide and three to four inches tall. Of course, the bars can be smaller and made any size you desire, any thickness you desire.

A soap mold can easily be made from wood, and any hardware you use should be resistant to moisture. One type of soap mold is one that has hinged sides that fold down in order to remove the hardened soap loaf easily. The ends and the sides can be hinged or pinned into place. Every mold should be lined with something that won’t stick to the hardened soap too much, such as freezer paper. Put the shiny side of the paper toward the soap to prevent sticking. The molded liner should be changed each time soap is poured into the mold. A four-pound batch of soap will fit into a mold that is about fifteen inches long and four inches wide.
Lumber needed —


One -twenty-inch long one by eight-piece of lumber
2 fifteen-inch long one by fours
2 six-inch-long one by fours
4 one inch long one by fours, making these about one-inch square
Hardware needed:
4 rust-resistant hinges about 2 inches long
wood screws

The inside dimensions can be fifteen inches long by four inches wide. Attach the sides to the center area of the bottom, with the hinges spaced evenly along the outside and along the bottom piece of wood, two on each side, making sure the inside dimensions of the mold will be four inches wide. Attach the one-inch square pieces to the same side of the six-inch-long end pieces, at the edges, using wood glue.

The end pieces will consist of three pieces of wood that will wrap around the side pieces at each end, snugly. You end up with a box where the ends come off and the sides fold down. To keep it together while your soap is hardening, you will need to drill two holes into the ends, on the sides where the one by one piece is glued. Drill through these pieces and into the side pieces. You can use nails or wooden dowels to use as pins that hold the ends to the sides.

After your mold is constructed, you can pour the prepared soap into the lined mold. Let the soap harden for twenty four to forty eight hours, following the cold process soap making instructions. When it is time to un-mold the soap, all you have to do is un-pin the ends, fold down the sides, and take the soap loaf out. Take the freezer paper off of the soap.

Your soap is now ready to cut into individual bars. Decide on the thickness of your bars before cutting. You can also keep the soap in loaf form and cure whole. After curing you can then cut off what you need as you need it.

Your soap is now ready

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