How to make small jars into jack o’ lantern party favors favors

How to make small jars into jack o' lantern party favors favors

Halloween party favors are fun for kids to take home and they are a gracious way for hosts to thank their guests for attending their party. They also act as a little memento or reminder to the guest about the fun times they had when attending your Halloween party. There is yet another good reason to pass out party favors at your next Halloween party; it is a good way for the host to get rid of all the extra candy!

Bagged party favors are so common that they are boring. Plus the bags just get thrown away and the candy gets eaten; what kind of memento is that? Bags are also large and sometimes are a considerable expense to fill. In addition to your expense, some health-conscious parents might not appreciate their child getting sent home with a huge bag full of candy.

So instead of using bags for your next Halloween party favors, use this fun and easy craft project! Kids will love to help, and that way you won’t have to do all of the work.


  • Baby food jars, 1 per guest.
  • Orange candies
  • Black candies
  • Orange paint that will stick to glass
  • The black paint that will stick to glass
  • A small paintbrush


1) If you have a baby that eats baby food that comes in glass jars, rinse out the glass jars and as the start to accumulate, put them aside for later use. If your household does not happen to have an accumulation of clear baby food jars around, ask a friend to save them for you. Be sure all the jars are thoroughly cleaned and washed with hot water and soap before you begin. Be sure that you have the lids as well as the jars.
2) If the orange and black candy you bought came together in the same bag, separate the orange candy from the black and put them into separate containers.

How to: step by step instructions:

Fill one jar with orange candy and the next one with black candy. Continue to alternate until each jar is completely filled with either orange or black candy but not both. Do not mix both colors of candy in one jar.
Screw the lid on to the jar tightly once the jar is filled with candy.
Gather together all of the orange candy filled jars. Using the black glass paint, paint onto the jar a jack o’ lantern face. For this you could opt to use a pattern or you can freehand each face. You can make each face look about the same or you can make them all different. Some faces can be scary, some can be happy. Get creative with this part, it is the fun part.

You can also choose to paint each guest’s name onto the jar under the jack o’ lantern face or perhaps on the back of the jar. When all of the orange candy-filled jars have been painted with black paint, wash off the paintbrush. Make sure there is no black paint left on the brush before you continue. Dry off the brush thoroughly.

Next start on the baby food jars that have been filled with black candy. Using the orange paint, paint a jack o’ lantern face onto the black jars in the same way that you did with all of the jars that were filled with orange candy.

You may choose to paint the lid or tie some ribbon or a bow around it, or you can leave the jars as they are. Either way the favors will be a take-home treat that everyone will admire!

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