How to make simple wedding veils

simple wedding veils

Almost time for the big day and you don’t have your wedding veil yet?

Don’t despair; you can make one in no time at all after a quick trip for a few supplies. To make things easier on you, get a hair clip to begin. If you have long hair a large clip is necessary; for short hair, a small clip will do fine. The clips should be the type that you squeeze to open the jaw of the clip, but the handles of the clip should be as small as possible.

Find white netting at a fabric store to use for the veil. The netting can have sparkles, or you can later add touches of glitter paint to the veil or leave it plain. Cut a large circle, about 30″ in diameter, or larger if you want the veil to hang longer, and scrunch up the middle, then hot glue it to the top of the clip. Take care not to drip glue into the spring mechanism of the clip, but instead, glue to the insides of the clip handle.

To hide the clip, you can make a netting bow to place on top of the veil. To make the bow, cut three circles: a 4″, 5″ and 6″. Stack the 4″ on the 5″ and put them both on the 6″ circle. Put the thumb and first finger together to make an O. Now poke the three layers downward into the O From underneath grab the middle of the three layers and tie them off. They will now form a blossom that can be attached to the top of the veil.

Large barrettes can be purchased at a craft store; then you can add your veil. Scrunch the veil material onto the barrette with glue. You don’t have to scrunch the veil, which brings it up slightly on the sides; you can glue it to the barrette, then place ribbons, beads or other adornments to cover the glued area.

A veil can be made that simply lays upon the head with bobby pins to hold it in, but you can dress it up with ribbons on top or a netting bow.

A very easy way to make a veil is to purchase a small pillbox-type of a hat; then attach the netting to the hat. The netting can be stitched on and later removed to wear the hat again, or it can be permanently glued on. Another very easy design is to stitch a ponytail tie or piece of elastic to the underneath part of the netting. When the time to wear it, pull some or all of the hair up in the tie with the veil attached.

Headbands are very inexpensive and come in varieties that are thin or wide, cloth or plastic. The headbands are absolutely the best for making a quick and beautiful veil. Fold the netting in half, crease, position the crease on top of the headband, and then glue into place. Now cover the entire top portion of the headband by attaching sequin or rhinestones – even glitter paint.

Spray adhesive works the best for gluing the netting onto the hard plastic type of headbands; fabric glue works for cloth bands. The netting can also be sewn to the bands or hot glue can be used on the fabric-type headbands.

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