How to make silly putty

How to make silly putty

Silly putty Baby Boomer is one of the favorite toys of all time (and every generation after them!). The Silly putty can be made in any shape, such as regular craft clay, with the added pulse that it bounces. Also, when it is pressed against any word or image in the newspapers that are printed on the pulp of standard news, the image is copied to the foolish granddaughter. Kids enjoy taking pictures of their favorite comic strip character and pulling and squeezing the Silly putty to distort it.

Silly putty (or Dow Corning Patent 3179) was invented in 1943. It was originally intended for industrial use as synthetic rubber but was unusable because it was not as strong as rubber. The silly potty was scrapped as a potential product until 1949 when an unemployed advertising executive thought it might be a good idea to market it as a toy. He packed a pack of eggs into a plastic egg, and the mysterious plastic egg has since become an American toy icon, selling for millions of dollars.

Silly putty is a polymer, or more appropriately, an elastomer. A polymer is a substance that contains elastic molecules such as long wires. An elastomer has the same long molecules, but they are connected in many places to form a sponge-like structure. Molecules, due to their natural elasticity, can be pulled, and absorb mechanical energy like rubber.

The original Silly putty will be difficult to make at home due to the chemicals required for its production, but the same substance that has all the same qualities can be easily made from some of the basic ingredients found in your home.

What you need:

  • A bottle of Elmer’s white glue.
  • Powder borax.
  • Water
  • Food coloring of your choice.
  • A measuring cup
  • Empty soda bottle.
  • A plastic zipper lock bag.

First mix a tablespoon of borax powder and a cup of water in an empty soda bottle. Change the cap and shake the mixture until the borax is completely dissolved. Now place a teaspoon of Elmer glue in a plastic bag with a teaspoon of plain water. At this point, you can add a drop of food coloring to make your creation more colorful. Next, add just one tablespoon of the borax mixture to the bag and seal it.

Now massage this mixture for a few minutes till it starts to set. As the polymer chains grow and become interconnected, they will gradually take on a powdery texture. When you are able to pull the strip out of the bag into one piece, do so and start rotating it between your fingers. The more you roll it, the silly putty it will be.

Finally, as a precaution, borax is not for human use. Enjoy yourself!

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