How to make sea glass mosaic

How to make sea glass mosaic

Beautiful bits and pieces of polished glass found along the ocean shore are known as beach glass. You can either find beach glass by combing the ocean shore, or you can purchase it in craft or hobby stores.

You can create a beautiful mosaic on an ordinary rock. This unique work of art can be used as an eye-catching paperweight or a doorstop. Begin by finding a large, smooth rock. You will also need beach glass, thick craft glue, and a pencil.

Draw the pattern you want for your beach glass mosaic on the rock. Consider sketching something pertaining to the ocean or the seashore. Use the following ideas, or be imaginative and come up with your own. Consider making an interesting swirling pattern. Start by drawing a small curve in the center of the rock. Continue the curve, and draw around and around until the pattern covers the entire rock.

A sunburst would also be a good theme for this project. Obtain brightly colored beach glass for the sunburst, and various shades of blue for the background. You could design the shape of a starfish or crab on a rock of your choice. Surround the starfish or crab with pretty blue beach glass. The designs you can make are limited only to your imagination.

After sketching the pattern, glue on pieces of beach glass using thick craft glue. Let the glue dry before handling the finished mosaic.

You can make a lovely beach glass mosaic that can be used as a suncatcher. For this project, you will need a piece of clear Plexiglas or a translucent plastic cutting board, an electric drill, a pencil, paper, a dark-colored marker, clear-drying adhesive, 1/8 inch wide satin ribbon, beach glass, and two suction cups.

Use an electric drill to create two holes in the corners of the plastic you have chosen for your project. These holes will be used for hanging the mosaic.

Draw the pattern for your suncatcher mosaic on a piece of paper that’s the same size as the base for the project. Go over the penciled-in lines with a black marker so the lines are visible through the plastic.

Start gluing pieces of beach glass to the plastic using clear-drying adhesive. Be sure to leave the holes in the corners open. Cover the entire board with a design of your preference, and allow the glue to thoroughly dry.

Thread satin ribbons of equal lengths through the holes. Knot them about 2 inches from the ends, and tie a bow on each side.

Attach suction cups to a sunny window, and hang your mosaic. The beach glass will shimmer and shine when the sunlight shines through the windowpane.

Beach glass mosaics can also be made using plain wooden plaques or scrap pieces of plywood. To make a beach glass mosaic of this type you will need a piece of wood, various colors of beach glass, a hammer, a saw-tooth picture hanger, 2 small nails, clear adhesive, white acrylic paint, and a paintbrush.

Give the wood you have chosen a coat of white acrylic paint. Let the paint dry. If any marks or blemishes show through, give it a 2nd coat. Let the paint dry completely before continuing.

After you’ve determined the design you want for your mosaic, begin gluing on the beach glass using a clear adhesive. Choose larger pieces of beach glass first, and fill in any spaces with smaller ones. Allow the glue to dry overnight, and hang your beautiful beach glass mosaic.

These beach glass mosaics can also be designed using small polished pebbles and seashells. Another creative idea is to spray a wooden plaque with adhesive and sprinkle on the sand before gluing on the beach glass. The sand will present a natural background for the design. You could also glue a sand dollar, mollusk shell, or a starfish to the center of the mosaic. Create a beach glass design surrounding the object of your choice.

Tossed by the waves and polished by the sand, beach glass makes some the most beautiful natural craft projects. A beach glass mosaic would be a great way to commemorate a trip to the ocean. A beautiful beach glass mosaic would also make a wonderful gift for a friend or relative. However you decide to use it, beach glass will bring a sparkle of color to your craft project.

Tossed by the waves

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